FORMIZON watercolor paint set. 48 colors, 1 hookline pen. 1 water tank brush, 8 watercolor papers. 2 water-absorbing sponge. 1 white watercolor paint Suitable for beginners and professionals (pink)

【48 watercolor paints set】

Highly pigmented Watercolor Paint Set in artist quality for brilliant, bright colors and color coverage. Colors are also vivid and rich, fine pigment powder makes them easily soluble in water. So it is The perfect art kit to add to your art needs.

【High-quality watercolor painting set】

In addition the powder has made our solid watercolor paints durable through fine grinding, increased concentration and pressing and does not tear. So it can be used as a travel watercolor set and creates colorful masterpieces straight away.

【Premium colors】

The colors are also bright and lively, they are evenly scattered on paper. Since the watercolors are reusable, you can just add a drop of water and use them again. In addition they are easy to mix, dry quickly, are lightfast, and have excellent fluidity.

【Artist quality】

Whether children from 3 years or adults, beginners or professionals, the high-quality watercolor set makes every heart beat faster. So it is perfect for children, students, beginners, amateur artists. Also very suitable as a gift on special occasions.

【Excellent watercolor accessories】

Watercolor paint set consisting of – 48 full tone pigment +1 watercolor brush + 1 water tank brush +1 pencil + 8 watercolor paper + 2 water-absorbing sponge +1 white watercolor paint + 1 palette. The watercolor paint set also comes in a light and sturdy metal box, which makes it very practical and portable. So with this set you can paint wherever you want.

Product descriptions

Color: pink

FORMIZON The colors have been carefully put together by a team of artists to give your

watercolor paintings free space. 

48 vibrant colors

The watercolor set is available in 48 colors. In addition watercolor pigments made from finely ground pigments, increased concentration and pressing make our solid watercolor paints durable and do not crack. The easy mixing of the colors also offers a wide range of other colors. 

1 refillable water brush pen and 1 watercolor brush

The refillable brush also used as a watercolor pencil. It is filled with watercolor paint that has been diluted with water. So with flexible nylon tip for easier and less complicated painting on the go.

Send exquisite flannel bag

Packed in an easily portable and very robust box. So it is suitable as a watercolor set for beginners. With this set you can paint, paint anywhere: landscape, beach, train, garden, indoor area, park, studio.

Broad application

In addition this watercolor paint set is suitable for beginners, painting enthusiasts and artists. For kids, beginners, artists, and students, this watercolor kit makes a great gift for birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, graduation, and back to school. 

Package Contents

48 colors full tone pigment

watercolor brush

water tank brush


8 watercolor paper

2 water absorbing sponge

white watercolor paint



1. Not suitable for children under 3 years old, always use under adult supervision.