Watch tool set, yotame 189 lg watchmaker’s tool set professional watch repair set adjustable case opener pin extractor screwdriver bracelet battery change watch tool set in black

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This watch repair kit can used by both experienced watchmakers and newcomers. It’s an easy-to-use watch repair kit and an ideal set of different tools to meet both your professional and general repair needs.

【A complete watch repair kit】

Professional and complete Watch Repair Kit, very suitable for beginners and professional watchmakers. Contains tools with various functions such as case opener, spring bar pin, connecting pin remover, case holder, etc.


Small, clean and functional. With this complete Watch Repair Kit you can repair clocks yourself. This not only saves money, but also makes repairs fun. It’s easier to use than you think!

【Portable and Lightweight】

Our watch repair kit, weighing only 555g, is portable and small, easy to carry, easy to store and maintain. Also suitable for repairing watches of all kinds.


This high-quality 155-piece watch tool set is very suitable for professional and general use and for the repair and adjustment needs of your watches. Perfect for watchmakers, collectors, beginners, etc.

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Product information

The product contains:

  • small hammer
  • watch case holder
  • strap puncher
  • spring bar pin with scale
  • tweezers
  • precision screwdriver
  • watch band holder
  • adjustable can opener
  • case back opener
  • spring bar tool
  • 3 x needle crowbar
  • 3 x Replaced tips of the watch strap remover
  • 5 x screwdriver bits
  • 18 x accessories for case opener
  • 155 x premium stainless steel spring bars

yotame Watch Repair Kit is a professional set for both experienced watchmakers and newcomers. It’s easy to use to meet your professional and general repair needs.

Watch tool set

  • Our Watch Repair Kit can help you solve the most common problems with your watch. For example, removing the watch case, adjusting the watch band, replacing the buckle, replacing the battery of the watch, and the like.
  • When you buy our watch tool set, you save more than buying them separately.
  • Carrying Bag – It’s a portable set with a bag that keeps the tools very neatly.
  • 18 split pins with belt links (size 12-24mm).
  • 155 belt spring pin sizes: 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 mm
yotame watch tool setyotame watch tool setyotame watch tool setyotame watch tool set
Caseback openerPlace the watch case opener knife in the removable slot and force it open.tweezersThe tweezers can be used to pick up small parts of a watch or watchmaker’s tools such as screws, hands, batteries, etc.Screwdriver with scaleSpring rod remover tool is used to change the watch band and select the shape according to your interface type.Strap puncherBelt puncher, it is recommended to use a large hammer, more convenient and faster.