Visual Timer 60-minute. Time Timer Original 12 inch. Time Timer MOD. Kitchen timer, countdown timer. No Loud Ticking (Blue)

Time Management Clock

– This Visual Timer 60-minute can be used in a variety of work or life situations to help you manage your time more effectively. You want to improve procrastination, lack of concentration, weak time concept, poor execution ability, you It is right to choose it!

Visual pattern

– you only need to rotate clockwise to the required time to provide the remaining time of the visual effect. The color disc will decrease over time, and once the zero minute mark is reached, the timer alarm will sound and require 2 “AAA” batteries (not included).

Adjustable operation

– alarm volume and duration are adjustable. Adjust the alarm volume to loud or low depending on your needs. The beep time can be divided into two levels (3 seconds and 60 seconds alarm time). To turn off the timer, just turn it back to zero.

No loud ticking

– no loud ticking on our Visual Timer 60-minute, a great choice for a quiet environment. Ideal for home, entertainment and work scenes, making it an excellent learning timer, game time timer, cooking timer, teaching timer, meeting timer, time manager and more!

Product parameters

– 3.1 inches X 3.1 inches X 1.6 inches (bottom) / countdown time: less than 60 minutes. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us in time, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution.

From the manufacturer

Help you solve the troubles of time management

Are you still worrying about these issues?Children have low learning efficiency, are obsessed with games, lack time concept and are unable to reasonably allocate learning and playing time.The solution you are looking forAs adults, we all know that great time planning is vital to our work and life. Hence, it is significant to help children develop good time concept. But it brings little success in spite of great efforts.An excellent solution0-60min visual timer allows you to set different time range according to varied demands. As we all know, compared with words, children are more sensitive to figures which are easier for them to recognize. It also won’t affect your children when they are doing homework because of no ticking sound.Children will manage time greatlyHigher learning efficiency, stronger learning ability, and easier to allocate learning and playing time. Offer your children a happy and rich childhood.

Multiple uses of timers in life

Classroom timerManage classroom time, beneficial to develop self-discipline, and accomplish schedule job, group homework, self-study as well as read. Make teachers help students improve time management ability.Work timerNo loud ticking, no distractions, perfect for environment that is sensitive to sound such as meeting and team seminar.Kitchen timerYou won’t miss the cooking time because of the loud ring that ensures you to hearing from another room. Say goodbye to sear steak.SportsThe timer can greatly help you set each movement time. Regular exercise makes your sports more efficient and healthier.

Product description


– Easy to see: The remaining time is color-coded and easy to see.
– Easy to operate: Just turn the knob clockwise to the desired time.
– No sound: There is no loud ticking, you can concentrate better.
– Adjustable: You can set the alarm sound to loud or low, and the alarm time is set to 3 or 60 seconds.
– Turn off the alarm: just turn clockwise and then quickly return to “0”.


Do not rotate counterclockwise from the 0 position, as it may cause damage.

Product specifications:

– Time range: 60 minutes or less
-Material: ABS
– Size: 78 * 78 * 45mm / 3.07*3.07*1.77 inches
– Product Weight: 97.6g / 3.44oz
– Package size: 3.50 * 3.35 * 2.44inch
– Battery required: 2 * AAA battery (not included)

Packing List:

1 *visible timer (excluding battery)
1 *User Manual (English)