UPMCT 60-400 GPH Adjustable Submersible Water Pump, Ultra Quiet High Lift Detachable Cleanable Water Pump with 2 Nozzles for Aquarium, Pond, Statuary, Hydroponics

UPMCT Water Pump Power: 6 Watt, Adjustable flow rate: 60-120 GPH (250-500L / H), Maximum lift: 2.6ft (0.51 inch/13mm nozzle), Power cord length: 5.2ft


The bottom of the UPMCT Water Pump is equipped with four powerful suction cups, which can be installed at the bottom and side of the aquarium as need. The water pump able to help the aquarium to circulate water, it also can be use air water nozzles to aerate. So it create an environment close to nature for your fish. It is also suitable for ponds, fountains, hydroponic systems and waterscape.

【Noise Reduction Design】

In addition Design with ceramic shafts, resistant to corrosion and difficult to break. The pure copper wire motors are highly energy-efficient and provide with quiet and pollution-free environment. The sound during working is lower than 40 decibels, which will keep peace of mind without disturbing the outside world.

【Detachable and Easy To Clean】

Also The UPMCT Water Pump have been optimized in every aspect to ensure the durable. In addition the snap design with flexible and stable, able to easy disassembled and closed without any tools. Besides, regularly clean the water inlet able to keep a longer life.

【Able to Adjust Water Flow Rate and Air Volume】

In addition you can use the adjustment knob to conduct the most suitable water flow rate as you need, ranging from 60GPH-120GPH (250L / H-500L / H). Also The equipped oxygen water nozzle set can be adjusted the air volume as well. The submersible water pump equipped with 0.51″ diameter nozzle, it is not easy to fall off and the flow is stable.

Product description

Size:60-120 GPH  |  Color:Black


1. Strong wave-making, aquarium water circulation
Simulate the natural environment, create an ecology system for the fish and let the fish living in a happily environment.
2. Multifunctional


Aeration, pumping and changing water, water circulation for fish tank, one machine with three purposes. The diameter of 0.51 inches is compatible with most hoses on the market.


Also With a wide range of applications, it can be applied to aquariums, ecological water tanks, ponds, water landscapes, fountains, hydroponics, etc.
3. Low water level work
Equipped with four strong adhesive suction cups, which can be installed horizontally and sideways, easily meet customers’ water level requirements.
4. Preferred material
The pump casing is made of new ABS plastic and resin, and the impeller shaft is composed of ceramic shaft, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, etc.
5. Quiet and energy efficient
High-quality pure copper motors and sturdy accessories provide a quiet working environment, while it will save energy and reduce the consumption.


Power: 6watt
Flow range: 60-120 GPH (250-500L / H)
Voltage: 110 V-120V, 60Hz
Product size: 2.9 * 1.7 * 2.4 inches
Maximum lift: 2.6 feet (suitable for 0.51inch diameter nozzle)


1. Please put the pump in water before connecting power. If you need to change the water, please disconnect the power.
2. Please clean the machine regularly, preferably once every two months, add some olive oil to the rotor to avoid blocking the water inlet and abnormal sound of rotating blades.

Package include:

6 watt submersible water pump
0.51″ nozzle
oxygen nozzle set