UPMCT Cooling Towel for Neck, Not Fade Microfiber Soft Breathable Towel for Sports, Fitness, Yoga, Camping (4 Pack Mix, 12in40in)

About this item

【Comfortable and breathable, made by Specific fabric】

Cooling UPMCT Cooling Towel made by new cooling yarn, non pilling. Using ultra fine fiber, proofed safe and nonirritating. Compared with normal towel. This fabric is lighter and more breathable. Providing a lighter, convenient and fast-drying experience with its super-absorbent feature. The more sweat you get from sports. The cooler you feel. Fine sewing technique applied to prolong prolong the durability of the cooling towel.

【Cool down in 3 seconds, keep coolness longer】

With its advanced 3D sewing method and high-density porous structure design. Cooling towel can fully absorb water and keep it flowing in the interior of the water. And take away a great amount of heat, passing the coolness to the skin rapidly. After soaking the towel for 2-3 second in water at any temperature. The surface temperature of the towel can drop by 30% in just a moment. The coolness can kept for a long time.

【Easy to carry and reusable】

Cooling towel can used to wipe sweat away during sport to keep sweat from entering the eyes. Its light fabric allow us to roll it and place it in a small pouch conveniently, separating dry object from wet ones. A mountaineering buckle is including in the product for easy-hanging, freeing your hands.

【Chemical free, safe and colorfast】

Physical hypothermia used in cooling towel, which made by simple materials and free of chemical. All the fiber used has been proofed safe, nonirritating, non-toxic, odorless, colorfast. That means our cooling towel could support for machine-washing and won’t bring damage to the skin.

【Suitable for multiple occasions】

Cooling towel is suitable for outdoor activities and exercises such as running, trekking, camping and hiking; for physical treatment, it can also used for alleviating headache and preventing from heatstroke and sunburn; in daily life, it can used by kitchen staff, outdoor workers, sport lovers and treasure mom to cool down and wick sweat.

Product description

Color:4 Pack Mix  |  Size:12in*40in

Say goodbye to the heat
Fast cooling. Enjoy a cool summer.
Q: Why need cooling towel?
The weaving technology of the super-absorbent fiber allows allows the towel to adjust internal moisture and retain water. Therefore, just like air conditioning, it’ll cool down in just a few seconds. As long as we give it water, it can cool down and temperature will drop immediately, keeping the coolness for a super long time. Through the contact with the sweat on skin, cool towel can also produce the same cooling effect.


1. Instant cooling: place the cooling towel on the forehead and neck to cool them down immediately. Surface temperature can drop as much as 30%.
2. Moisturizing and high absorbency: this towel can absorb sweat quickly and keep the skin clean and comfortable. Non-sticking, non-saturated.
3. The towel is made by material with premium quality and can be used for up to 2 years. It is reusable and convenient and the cooling effect is obvious. Suitable for machine-washing.
4. Environment: this non-chemical material is totally made from bamboo charcoal fiber and is considered environment-friendly. It can be reused and won’t cause pollution.
5. Color fastness: longer time of solution dyeing technology is used in the pre-coloring. The towel can stay new during outdoor activities, washing or wearing.
6. Releasing far infrared: the fiber can release far infrared, which can improve blood circulation and keep the body cooling.


1. If the product is kept in a place with poor ventilation for a long time, mildew may grow and the cooling effect may weaken. Please store it after thorough drying.
2. Please do not wash the product with detergent or soap, otherwise the cooling effect may weaken, color may drop and damage may be caused.
3. Please do not soak the product in liquid other than tap water (salt water, sea water), otherwise the cooling effect may weaken.