TURATA meat thermometer. Wireless roasting thermometer with timer. 2 temperature sensors. probes magnetic back, backlight, LCD display. Instant reading, digital barbecue thermometer

How would you like your food? 

TURATA meat thermometer has 5 cooking levels, 8 types of meat: Well-well done, Med Well-70% percent done, medium-half done, Med Rare-slightly bloody, Rare-bloody; BEEF beef, LAMB lamb, VEAL veal, HAM Hamburg, PORK pork, TURKY turkey, CHICK chicken, FISH fish, PROG custom mode

High accuracy & wide temperature range from -20 ℃ up to 250 ℃ (-4 ℉ up to 484 ℉): With these wireless kitchen thermometers you can choose whether you want to see the temperature in ℉ (Fahrenheit) or in ℃ (Celsius). The grade is shown on a nice, large LCD display that is backlit (useful in low light).

More responsive & easy control of the core temperature

with a grill thermometer: range up to 80 meters. With this wireless barbecue thermometer, you don’t have to constantly run to the grill or oven, but can easily take the receiver with you and do other household and garden tasks. At the same Celsius temperature, the barbecue thermometer measured the actual temperature faster than other thermometers.

2 temperature sensors & temperature sensor cable

made of stainless steel with a length of about 100 cm: For optimal enjoyment in the BBQ smoker grill or kettle grill, a wireless meat thermometer with at least two temperature sensors is recommended, so that you can check the food and the temperature in the BBQ smoker grill, for example, and if necessary to change. It is also possible to check two different types of meat at the same time with two temperature sensors.

With a timer with alarm function (the receiver beeps and flashes):

With this kitchen thermometer, you can set the timer according to time and temperature, so that your meat is always well monitored and always guarantees the optimal cooking point. The receiver of the meat thermometer has a belt clip and an integrated stand, the transmitter can be set up or hung up using a removable wire holder.

Product Description

Please note:

4 x AAA batteries required (not included), 2 for transmitters and 2 for receivers if there is no temperature display or the indicator light flashes. Please replace the battery in time.

Please wear a heat-resistant glove to touch the stainless steel probe or the heat-resistant wire during use.

The probe is not dishwasher safe. Please wash the stainless steel probe thoroughly by hand after use.

If the meat temperature is not displayed on the screen after inserting the probe into the meat, check whether the plug is firmly plugged into the side of the transmitter.

Do not expose the receiver to direct sunlight and keep it away from moisture or hot environment.

Do not use the thermometer in a microwave.

✔ Do not expose the temperature sensor or the sensor wire to open fire or grill, otherwise the probe will be damaged.


1 x meat thermometer receiver.

1 x meat thermometer transmitter.

2 x stainless steel probes.

2 x probe clip.

1 x user manual.

High accuracy and responsiveness.Dual ProbesBacklight & °C/°F displayWireless remote control
High accuracy and responsiveness.Measuring accuracy: ±1.0°C With more sensitive probes, you can get accurate temperatures within 7s or 9s.Dual ProbesMonitor two types of food at the same time with two probes. 304 stainless steel materials make it more durable.Backlight & °C/°F displayPress the “LIGHT” button to better check the display in the dark place. Press the back button °C/°F to switch the temperature unit.Wireless remote controlRange up to 80 metres. With this wireless grill thermometer you do not have to constantly run to the grill or oven, but can easily take the receiver with you and do other work in the home and garden.