Torteco Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones In-ear Black

About this item

Torteco Wireless Earbuds Brief Introduction:

The Torteco wireless earbuds with the latest Bluetooth technology allow you to freely communicate and listen. It combines the advantages of clear sound quality, convenient carrying and easy portability. It’s a good choice for bluetooth wireless headset users to get started. It’s not for the best, but we hope to get better with you.

What Problems Bluetooth Headphone Users Often Have:

We found that according to market research, we found that Bluetooth headphone users frequently encounter the following problems. 1) Earplugs are easy to lose, especially when exercising and sweating. 2) Bad sound quality, the deep bass is not felt at all. 3) Poor signal and sense of distance when making a phone call. 4) Mating problems, electric current switching between ears.

Why Torteco earbuds can solve the above problems:

1) Torteco earbuds contain 3 pairs of large, medium-sized, small silicone ear caps that are basically suitable for all ears. So say goodbye to earbuds slipping off. 2) Built-in AAC audio processing system, noise reduction and effective call echo elimination. 3) Built-in newest bluetooth 5.0 system, compatible with almost all bluetooth devices, one-step pairing, high stability, farewell to def

Additional features of Torteco headphones:

1) In addition it is comfortable to wear, super light and easy to carry. 2) Simple operation and complete functions. 3) Full certificate, strict quality check. 4) Exquisite packaging, beautiful appearance, gift choices.

What you get:

The package contains Torteco Bluetooth wireless earbuds, USB charging cable, 3 pairs of earbuds. 7 days no refund, 30 days no exchange, 180 days no repair. 24 hour online customer service.

Customer Review

The sound of these in-ear headphones is very good and they sit securely in the ear. 
I have problems with many in-ear headphones that I get earaches or that they press quickly – I have not had any problems with these so far. And bought these as replacement headphones for sports so I can always charge a few while I have the other one with me. Also I am very satisfied and find it very nice that you can read the current charge level in the case.