TOPDON AL200 OBD2 Diagnostic Tool. Car Diagnostic Tool for All Vehicles. German Reader for Petrol Diesel Engine. OBDII EOBD CAN Read & Erase Error Codes etc.

[For accurate error analysis on your car]

TOPDON OBD2 Diagnostic Tool Built-in ELM329 solution for car troubleshooting, AL200 allows you to read & delete generic manufacturer-specific & pending error codes, e.g. after troubleshooting.

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Diagnostic device especially for hobby screwdrivers. Built-in DTC explanation of error codes saves your expensive workshop visits and time. No notebook needed to troubleshoot.

Your AL200 diagnostic device can also be: I/M emission readiness test. Also Freeze frame data, display car information, turn on the engine light. TOPDON AL200 also offers you the solution in terms of basic and necessary OBD2.

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5 languages, English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. Large LCD display, service more professional because your concerns will be answered by TOPDON mechanics: )


In addition Universal OBD2 Diagnostic Tool for Vehicles with Petrol Engine from Year of Manufacture 2001. And also diesel engine from 2004, built ELM329 solution enables more compatibility, OBDII EOBD CAN protocol.

Product Description

TOPDON ArtiLink200, a useful OBD2 code reader for beginners and technics. Offers basic OBD2 functions, like code reading and clearing. MIL turning off, I/M Readiness monitoring, freeze frame data viewing and vehicle information retrieving. Helping you locate the trouble areas accurately. It works on most 1996 US-based. 2000 EU-based and newer vehicles that are equipped with 16pin port and are compliant with OBD2/CAN protocols.

Read/Clear Codes and Turn off MIL

When there are malfunctions with engine and emission systems. The check engine light will be turned on with DTCs and freeze frame data recorded. This OBDⅡcode reader helps you easily read the trouble codes such as generic codes (P0, P2, P3, and U0). Manufacturer specific codes (P1, P3, and U1) and pending codes and erase the existing DTCs quickly. After codes are erased and certain repairs are carried out, the MIL will be turned off automatically. It is convenient for you to solve basic problems of the car on your own.

Built-in DTC Definition

TOPDON AL200 has a built-in DTC definitions library displaying the result directly on the LCD screen, which can help you identify which section of the emission control system is malfunctioned. Instead of searching on the internet, you can directly get the meanings from the tool, and diagnose the problem in a short time.

I/M Readiness Checking

Before having your car inspected for the compliance to a state emissions program, you can use TOPDON AL200 code reader to check the condition of the emission system on your vehicle. This device can also assist you in greatly simplifying the steps of error diagnosis and to perfectly check the fault components in the shortest time. Moreover, with this super helper, you can quickly check the maintenance results and thoroughly erase DTCs.

  • Reading codes, show the detailed description of the current diagnostic trouble codes(DTC), Retrieve generic(P0,P2,P3 and U0), manufacturer specific (P1, P3, and U1) codes and pending codes

More info:

Freeze Frame DataUsing TOPDON AL200 OBD2 tool, you are able to view the vehicle’s operating parameters that are recorded in the Electronic Control Unit when a DTC is detected. You can check the data like the speed of engine, airflow, fuel pressure and so on. With this mini-sized code reader, you can diagnose your vehicle OBD system at any time and any place.Wide Vehicle CoverageTOPDON AL200 code reader works on most 1996 and newer vehicles sold in the United States, 2000 and newer vehicles sold in Europe, and a small number of 1994 and 1995 model year gasoline vehicles that are compatible with OBD2 protocols, including Mazda, Kia, Honda, Benz, GM, Nissan, Scion, Subaru, etc.Vehicle Information ViewingTOPDON AL200 code reader supports viewing vehicle information including: Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), Calibration ID (CIN) and Calibration Verification Number (CVN). Accessing to the Vehicle Info of the Diagnostic Menu and selecting the vehicle information you need to retrieve through the UP/DOWN button, you will get the vehicle information directly on the screen, which can help you accurately diagnose your vehicle.Portable Handheld DesignThe best OBDII code readers are those portable and easy to store. This code reader is adopted with a handheld and compact design, which makes it simple-to-use and easy to handle with an anti-skid surface while diagnosing. In addition, the small size means that you will be able to store the tool without encountering any sort of hassle.