Head Shavers for Bald Men 5 in 1 Wet Dry Electric Razor LED Cordless USB Rechargeable IPX6 Waterproof Rotary Bald Head Shaver Grooming Kit with Facial Beard Trimmer, Nose Hair Trimmer, Hair Clippers


The Electric Shaver Rotary Razor for bald man include 6 attachments: electric shaver, Beard trimmer, nose hair trimmer, hair clipper with 3-5-7 mm guide combs, soft face sponge, and also facial cleaning brush. Heavy-duty motor, in addition to work quickly. Above all the electric rotary shaver’s motor provides all the power you need to trim and clip hair without snagging.


Electric shavers for men is waterproof. Also You can use the head shavers on any type of hair, as well as wet and dry hair. in addition The electric razor is easy to clean thanks to a built-in vacuum system that collects all of the hair within the shaver. Also The bald head shavers are designed to suit your needs and make the shaving enjoyable.


The electric shaver rotary razor with Anti-allergenic double-track ultra-thin spherical cutter net and self-sharpening high precision premium steel blade. Also Its hypoallergenic shaving foil makes it suitable for any skin type. In addition The flexible detachable 5-knife head and floating neck allow you to shave comfortably in any direction.


The Nanssigy Electric shaver razor & trimmer sets comes with a high-quality lithium-ion battery So you can use it up to 90 minutes of cordless shaving time on a single charge. in addition USB fast charge, you can take rotary shaver anywhere. The smart LED display shows availability and using time, you can know when you’re running low on battery power.


In addition Electric razor with the non-slip surface for easier handling and better hand feeling. Also You can grip it in a variety of ways. In addition, please feel free to contact us if you feel any problem. We will provide you 100% satisfaction solution.

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Product Description

head shaver

If you’re thinking about shaving your head clean- or already are – You need the Nanssigy bald head shaver.

If you like unique things, you’ll like Nanssigy electric shavers for men. It’s the kind of thing you can show off when friends are over: “Hey, you have to take a look at my head shaver!”

The 5D electric shaver for bald head is also a serious grooming tool. Also Balding clippers are designed to use quality blades – Anti-allergenic double-track ultra-thin spherical cutter net and self-sharpening high precision premium steel blade – and you’ll get a clean shave without a lot of irritation.

NOTE: Please use the hair clipper to cut the hair below 5mm and then use the electric shaver to get the perfect effect.
head shaver

5-in-1 Men’s Rotary Electric Shavers Grooming Kit

The Nanssigy head shavers for bald men gives you a smooth, close shave without irritating the skin and is capable of wet and dry shaving.

It comes with 5 moving shaver heads that are larger than those found on many other electric head shavers. The shaving heads allow you to shave comfortably in any direction, whether it’s up and down, side-to-side, or in circles.

  • 5-IN-1 Grooming Kit
  • Powerful and Easy to Control
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • 5D Precision shaving head
  • USB Fast Charging
  • Ergonomic Hand Feel
  • Effective on Face & Head
head shaverhead shaverhead shaver
5D Floating HeadThe 5 rotating blades can all pivot and move individually, helping make this shaver even easier to control. Electric razor for men also helps to deliver a very close shave, with that razor head able to move and adapt to each bump and angle on your head.High-Speed MotorHigh-Speed Motor let mens electric razor works quickly cover a larger area of your head and doesn’t require you to go over the same spot several times. The head shaver is low noise doesn’t scare kids.IPX6 WaterproofThis head shavers for men are designed IPX6 waterproof. Its detachable head is 100% washable, and rinse the shaver head under the tap thoroughly after use. Also can use a cleaning brush to clean the blade. In either case, it’s always a good idea to clean the blades regularly.
head shaverhead shaverhead shaver
Comfortable Shave & Precision CuttingThe high precision premium blade that draws the hair inward toward the cutting blades.Rotary shavers have blades that cut in a circular motion will help prevent nicks and cuts, and will provide the cleanest look when you’re finished.Wet & Dry UseThe 5D electric shaver for bald head for dry or wet shaving. It’s perfectly safe for use in the shower.Its ergonomic design lets you grip it in a variety of ways to make the job of shaving your skull much easier.USB Fast Charging & LED DisplayElectric shaver razor for men 5 in 1 come with a high-quality li-ion battery that provides up to 90 minutes of cordless shaving time on a single charge.LED display indicator lets you know when you’re running low on battery power. Wireless USB charging electric razors can be charged anytime, anywhere. Perfect for travel.
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