Teeth Whitening Kit,Teeth Whitener Bleach,Led Light Home Teeth Bleaching Kit for Sensitive Teeth with 3 Teeth Whitening Gel Pen

Noticeable Rapid Teeth Whitening

Experience visible teeth whitening results in as little as minutes with the fast-acting power. This whitening system brightens and whitens teeth and rapidly reverses the effects of years of staining caused by coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes.

Safe Easy Convenient LED LIGHT

It’s never been easier to achieve professional oral care results at home and save yourself money on expensive trips to the dentist. The LED whitening light is made from medical grade silicone and syncs with your smartphone to provide a rapid smile-improving treatment.

No Pain No Sensitivity No Damage

Our gum safe design creates a snug fit that prevents irritation and improves results, so that your at-home treatment can be performed with as little discomfort as possible.

Fast Effect

This no mess, no drip, no strip treatment is dentist recommended and clinically proven to whiten by 2-8 shades in as little as 7 days

What You Get: 1 teeth tray, 3 whitening gels, 2 wipes, 1 micro to type-c adapter, 1 user manual

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Customer Review

Effect is quite good, because it took only two days, is not completely white. But watch out has improved a lot ,l grew up a little yellow teeth. Yellow for many years, the sort of stuck in your teeth yellow tartar very well. How to brush is not to drop. Also good and the beautiful teeth, slowly fall off. Later should be able to avoid this problem ,hope some whiter teeth. This will let oneself more confident,more looking forward to a perfect effect.