Neck Massager, Shoulder Neck Massager with Heat Function. Electric Pulse Back Massager, Neck Shoulder Pain Relief, Intelligent Neck Massager for Home, Office, Travel

【Massage with heat】

The TEAMYO electric neck massager offers a constant temperature of 42 degrees to relieve muscle tension, also treat neck pain and promote blood circulation. In addition to Reward yourself with kneading massage therapy after a tiring job at home or after a long drive and enjoy a private massage session anytime, anywhere. Switch off automatically after 15 minutes

【TENS pulse massage and low-noise】

TEAMYO neck massager with TENS low-frequency pulse massage technology helps blood circulation to relieve cervical fatigue. If you wet your throat, where the two metal pads come into contact before use, you will feel more intense. So the therapeutic massager does not make any noise. Enjoy the massage in the office without disturbing others

【Multiple Massage Modes】

In addition The Deep Tissue Neck Massager has 5 pulse modes: push massage mode, impact massage mode, kneading massage mode, squeeze massage mode, shiatsu massage mode. Also 15 intensity settings. Relieving neck pain and stiff neck quickly and effectively. The remote control has an LCD display with which you can easily set the massage intensity

【Best wearing comfort】

This breathable, soft silicone back massager offers ergonomic design, highly elastic frame technology and intelligent 3D suspension design for a better fit for your neck. With the unique headset style, this fashionable wireless neck massager has an exquisite design and a lightweight design that is suitable for commuting, shopping, etc.

【Wide range of applications】

In addition The TEAMYO Deep Tissue Neck Shoulder Massager comes with a FREE hydrogel massage plaster. Also The skin-friendly, breathable gel pad to avoid long-term contact can lead to complaints or allergies. The electric neck massager can also be used on other parts of the body such as shoulders, waist, feet, calves, arms, back, etc. TIP: Implanting pacemakers or wearing metal in the body is prohibited.

Product description


1. Before use, moisten the neck with water or oil before use.
2. After starting up, if you haven’t installed it for 2 minutes, the power will turn off automatically.
3. Use when using low force and adjust gradually.
4. Do not use more than twice a day. That is, do not exceed 30 minutes.
5. This product is suitable for general household use. It is not a medical device.


1. Ten low frequency pulse technology stimulates muscles and eliminates fatigue.
2. 42 degrees constant temperature heat compress to relax sore muscles.
3. 5 massage modes, 15 strength settings.
4.Standard gel massage paste, suitable for shoulder, back, waist, leg, etc.
5. 15 min. No operation switches off automatically.


Item Type: Neck Massager.
Color: pink / navy blue / white.
Charging method: USB charging cable.
Massage mode: 5th
strength: 15 gear Scope of


neck massager.
4 x hydrogel patches.
remote control.
nstruction manual (may not be in German).