ENACFIRE E60 Bluetooth V5.0. Wireless Earbuds with Wireless Charging Case. 8H Continuous Playtime Earphones. IPX8 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds for Sports. Apt-X Deep Bass Wireless Headphones. Built-in Dual Mics Headset

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【8H Ultra-long Playtime】

With ENACFIRE E60 Bluetooth V5.0. You can bring them anywhere without the concern of battery life. Leave alone they can last 8Hours (Longer than other earbuds 2 times). The portable wireless charging case can recharge the earbuds 5 times when they sit on the case and accumulate the playtime up to 48H. Free to enjoy multiple movies, series, dramas, gaming and hundred songs that will never stop.

【Sound Like a Pro】

In addition A premium audio quality is essential to achieve greater performance. Installed with Qualcomm apt-X technology. ENACFIRE E60 wireless earbuds provides powerful, Also low-bit rate transmission and scalability for free lossless audio. So Nothing more important to always have music with you through the toughest workout.

【Sport Fit Design & Touch Control】

With ergonomic and sport redesign. ENACFIRE E60 Bluetooth earbuds also can fit and stay secured in ear canal even with intense movement. Together with smart touch sensors. So you can get ultimate control [Volume Control Available] without using the phone and largely prevent the discomfort like the physical button. (90% of Wireless Earbuds: Volume Control Unavailable)

【Wireless Charging Technology】

In addition With highly effective wireless charging case equipped, ENACFIRE E60 wireless earphones simplify all the charging process and deliver the truth wireless life experiences. Charging just as easy as placing them on the charging pad. Lay it down, so charge it up, just like magic.

【IPX8 Waterproof】

Certificated with IPX8 highest waterproof rating and nano-coating material, so ENACFIRE E60 true wireless headphones can prevent any penetration from splash and water. You can bring them anywhere you go under all kinds of outdoor environment. Please feel free to contact us without any hesitation if you have problem or need any help.

Product Description


  • U.S Qualcomm Technology Built-in – Strong Connection & Powerful Bass Effect
  • Super-Long 8H Playtime – 2 Times Longer than other earbuds on the market
  • Light As Invisible – Customized Secured Fit Designed For the Toughest Workout
wireless headphonesbluetooth ear budbluetooth earbuds
Touch ControlENACFIRE E60 wireless headphones With smart touch sensor, getting full control from the earbud is just that simple. The touch control provides a more comfortable and accurate operation comparing to the physical button. Volume control is even available on E60. [NOTE: 90% of True Wireless Earbud unavailable]CVC 8.0 Stereo CallEquipped with CVC 8.0 Call Noise Cancellation technology, ENACFIRE E60 bluetooth ear buds can help you to filter the ambient noise and provide the best stereo call quality at anywhere. Each earbud has an individual mic installed, making phone-call more like face-to-face talking.Customized & Personalized FitWith the latest ergonomic redesign, ENACFIRE E60 Bluetooth earbuds offer you the most secured and comfortable wearing experience. More than that, with 6 different eartips design provided, you can always find the one that fits your ear the best.

More Details:

bluetooth earphoneswireless headphoneswireless earphones
Powerful Audio QualityENACFIRE E60 Bluetooth earphones uses Qualcomm apt-X codec technology, which designed to transmit original audio with no distortion. The power of 6mm driver can deliver a more powerful audio, but at the same time stay clarity.Super Long 8H PlaytimeLong hours of training? Bring the ENACFIRE E60 wireless headphones with you!With 8 hours of long-lasting battery life, you can do any kind of training without worry about charging. Leave alone jogging, hiking and cycling, the earbuds still have battery if you run 2 full marathons.Music Playtime Per Charge: 8 HoursTotal Playtime: 48 Hours (with charging case)IPX8 Waterproof RatingENACFIRE E60 wireless earphones features with a high-level of waterproof protection by using the nano-coating material. They are built to endure and work flawlessly under different weather condition. Never miss a beat when you need the music.

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Enacfire Bluetooth E60. Wireless Earphones Black (black-1)

About this item

【Professional sound】

Enacfire Bluetooth E60 has professional sound quality is important to be able to deliver strong performance. Equipped with Qualcomm apt-X technology. The ENACFIRE E60 wireless headphones offer strong, low bit-rate transmissions and adaptive, lossless audio. Nothing is more important than being able to listen to music continuously while exercising.

【Wireless charging】

In addition it is equipped with an energy-efficient charging box, the ENACFIRE E60 headphones make charging easier and complete the wireless experience. Simply place it on the platform and it charges, as if by magic.

【Sporty design & touch control】

With an ergonomic and sporty design, the ENACFIRE E60 Bluetooth headphones fit perfectly in your ear and stay seated even if you move around hard. Together with the Smart Touch sensors, you can control the headphones without using your mobile phone and pressing buttons

【8 hours of ultra-long playing time】

The ENACFIRE E60 wireless headphones also can taken anywhere without having to worry about battery life. They last for 8 hours (twice as long as other headphones). The portable charging box can charge the headphones 5 times. Extending the total playing time to 48 hours. Enjoy multiple movies, series, drama, games or hundreds of songs non-stop!

【IPX8 water protection】

With the IPX8 water protection certified and equipped with nano-coating. The ENACFIRE E60 wireless headphones are also protected against all dangers from water and you can take them with you everywhere. Please contact us without hesitation should you require any assistance.

Customer Review

 Really good bluetooth headphones. 
They arrive in a very stylish box and are well packaged. 
The quality and workmanship is very good. 
The scope of delivery includes a charging station. A Type C cable. 5 interchangeable silicone attachments and instructions in several languages. 
The Bluetooth connection is easy and quick. 
The headphones sound good and the bass is also impressive. 
Everything is easy to operate on the headphones and it works perfectly. 
I’m very happy with them.

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ENACFIRE Bluetooth Headphones. E60 Wireless Earphones with Wireless Charging Case. 8H Uninterrupted Playback Time, Dual Apt-X Deep Bass Earbuds. Waterproof IPX8 Bluetooth V5.0 Headphones White

About this item

Professional sound:

professional sound quality is important to deliver strong performance. Our ENACFIRE Bluetooth Headphones Equipped with Qualcomm apt-X technology, the ENACFIRE E60 wireless headphones offer strong, low bit rate transmissions and adaptable, lossless audio. It is not more important than listening to music during exercise.

Sporty design and touch control:

with an ergonomic and sporty design, the ENACFIRE Bluetooth Headphones fit perfectly in your ear and stay in place, even when you move stronger. Together with the smart touch sensors, you can control the headphones without using your phone and press buttons.

Wireless charging:

equipped with an energy-efficient charging box, the Enacfire E60 headphones make charging easier and complete the wireless experience. Simply place it on the platform and it charges like magically.

8 hours of ultra-long playtime:

the Enacfire E60 wireless headphones can be taken anywhere without worrying about battery life. They last for 8 hours (twice as long as other headphones). The portable charging box can charge the headphones 5 times, thus extending the total playing time to 48 hours. Enjoy multiple movies, series, drama, games or hundreds of songs continuously!

IPX8 water protection:

certified with the IPX8 water protection and equipped with nano coating, the Enacfire E60 wireless headphones are protected against any water hazards and you can take them anywhere. Please contact us without hesitation if you need help.

Customer Review

These headphones look good and sit very well in the ears. If the standard version does not fit well, they have a lot of other attachments included and one of them will fit. They fit me right away. The headphones are tight as soon as you play the music in the smallest volume, you can hear almost nothing of the environment. I wouldn’t carry them in traffic because you don’t see too little. The sound is really great so you can’t complain. The Aukku period keeps what it promises. The lid of the case growls something when you press it but you only carry it in the bag/backpack or leave it on the table. Can only recommend it.

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ENACFIRE SoundBar Mini Bluetooth Speaker, 12W Wireless Portable Music Box with Hands-Free Function, 25 Hours Playtime, 30m Bluetooth Range, IPX7 Waterproof Red

【Crystal clear sound quality】

The Enacfire SoundBar Mini Bluetooth speaker Red have an incredible sound quality with crystal clear high and low bass thanks to the dual 2x 6W high-performance drivers, so that via a Bluetooth connection up to 30m. Hear your favorite music more clearly than ever, anywhere!

【IPX7 waterproof】

Even if it rains on the terrace or just tips over the water glass, this is no problem for Enacfire’s Bluetooth SoundBar. Thanks to the waterproof and robust materials and design, the jukebox has an IPX7 certification. No more worries at kids birthday parties indoors or even outside.

【Extended playing time】

Enacfires Bluetooth speakers have a unique battery technology and modern energy management which allows you to listen to up to 25 hours or around 500 music tracks continuously, without interruptions, with just one charge. A whole day of music enjoyment without end, for every party, every outdoor workout or simply while grilling.

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【Compact all-rounder】

The modern, stylish, portable SoundBar is now fully equipped! In addition to the powerful sound, you can even take calls – the perfect companion in every situation! Do not miss out on conversations with friends or family, with the built-in microphone you can make calls directly via the mini Bluetooth speakers. The 3.5 mm AUX input enables the connection with devices that do not support Bluetooth , such as e.g. B. PCs, laptops, desktops

【Scope of delivery & warranty】

You will receive the Enacfire Mini Bluetooth speaker Red, instructions for use, micro USB charging cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable. Enacfire offers every customer a 90-day no-reason refund and an 18-month guarantee. Please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately if you have any problems or need assistance.

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Bluetooth Headphones, ENACFIRE E18 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Mini Twins Stereo In-Ear Bluetooth 5.0 with Portable Charging Box and Integrated Microphone for iPhone and Android


Super easy and fast to connect, since ENACFIRE Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are prepared for an instant connection. Unlike traditional headphones where you have to click the power button to make them turn on. These headphones turn on right out of the box in seconds and connect instantly.


E18 ensures that you will not lose any details or components in the music. The bass of the headphones is designed with the safety of your hearing in mind. The music output is HD stereo audio that will make you not want to stop listening to them. The output level of our headphones is specially designed to meet the canon of hearing health.


You won’t have to worry about tangled cables while wearing these wireless headphones as they connect via bluetooth and the connection is stable over a distance of more than 10 meters. The EnacFire E18 wireless headphones are a revolution in themselves. As long as your device is within range, we guarantee the best possible quality, being far better than conventional headphones.


Enacfire E18 wireless headphones can last more than 3-4 hours of playtime on a single charge. The battery in the box supports up to 5 charges of the helmets, meaning you can use them for a whole day without draining the battery.


Helmets are designed to offer a good grip and also have resistance to sweat. They can be used for cycling, playing basketball, tennis, soccer, and even used in the gym, that is, the perfect choice for any activity with the assurance that you will not lose them. The headphones are very comfortable and there is no need to worry about them falling off, no matter what the sport or where you use them.

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More product information

Details make the difference!15 hours of use time 10m of bluetooth rangeConnection indicatorStereo soundOne button controlAuto pairing technologyPortable charging caseIPX 5 waterproof and water resistantSmall and lightweight designMagnetic charging function LED battery indicatorRecharge the battery anywhere!15 HOURS OF USE TIME with the portable charging case. This innovative charger charges 4 times, giving you 15 hours of use. Ideal for everyday life and extraordinary days.EASY AND SIMPLE PAIRING1. Take the headphones out of the charging case to turn them on.2.Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone. [E18] will be displayed. Click to connect.3.It will be paired automatically next time.
Perfect CouplingBluetoot headphones fit very well and have 3 different ear pads (S, M, L). The headphones are very comfortable and there is no danger of them falling off.IPX5 waterproofHeadphones made of high-quality, waterproof materials. You no longer have to worry about sweat or water damage. Enjoy music in any weather.Bluetooth V5.0It incorporates the latest Bluetooth chipset to ensure a stable and seamless connection with Bluetooth 5.0 and high-sensitivity devices at a distance of up to 10 meters. Don’t miss any more calls.
Safety is a priorityStay connected with friends and family on the way home. No cable, no risk, no traffic fine. Through simple and automatic pairing always and everywhereCompanion modeGive your partner or friend a headset and share your joy. Both headphones can also be used in simple modePackage contentContains:2 x EnacFire E18 Wireless Headphones1 x Magnetic charging port1 x Micro USB Charging Cable3 x Pairs of silicone ear pads (S, M, L)

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