POWERADD Power Bank EnergyCell. 10000 mAh QC 18 W Power Bank. Quick Charge 3.0 External Battery. Portable Charger for iPhone/ Samsung/ Huawei/ iPad Tablets. Nintendo Switch and More Smartphone

【QC 3.0 Intelligent Charging】

This POWERADD Power Bank combines fast charging, safe charging and trickle charging. It allows you to charge accessories with low power consumption in trickle charging mode.

【Fast Charging】

Charge the power bank in just 4 hours with a fast charger. It is 50% faster than normal charging.

【Compact size 】

the QC 10000 mAh power bank offers 3.7 times for the iPhone 8, 2.3 times for the Galaxy S8 and 1 time for the iPad Air 2.

【Unique light indicator design】

Once connected to the device, a circle of black lights gradually lights up and becomes as cool as eagle eye. This external battery will bring you a bit of fun.

【What you get 】

Poweradd EnergyCell 10000 QC power bank, charging cable, storage bag, instruction manual (English language not guaranteed).

Product Description

Poweradd – the first choice for the power bank.


Battery capacity: 10000 mAhBattery type: Li-PO batteryMicro USB input: 5V/2A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5AUSB output: QC2.0/3.0 18W 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A. Dimensions: 10.6 x 6.3 x 2.4 cm. Weight: 200 g.

Box contents:

1 x Poweradd EnergyCell 10000 QC Power Bank1 x Charging Cable1 x Portable Bag1 x User Manual

QC 3.0 18 W.Portable power bank.External batteries.
QC 18 W.QC 18 W can charge your device faster than the normal 5 W charging. And QC 18 W input reduces the charging time of the power bank.Compact and portable.This power bank is compact, portable and feels high quality. It is very practical for your daily life and outdoors.Trickle charging mode.This power bank is available for devices with low power consumption. e.g. Bluetooth headphones and sports armband.

Also possible on the plane.

Meet the safety requirements of civil aviation. The power bank can be taken to the plane. Poweradd 10000 mAh QC power bank is the perfect companion for travel.

Wide compatibility:

With a capacity of 10,000 mAh, the external battery is almost compatible with all mobile phones on the market, iPhone, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, Nokia and also camera, Bluetooth headphones, Nintendo Switch, sports armband etc.

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N / A SITRI Resistance Bands for Men Women. Exercise Bands for Legs and Buttocks. (Set of 5), Handle, Door Anchor, Ankle Strap and Portable Bag

Comfortable and durable:

the SITRI Resistance Bands kit is made of high-quality natural latex, which is environmentally friendly, durable and highly elastic. Even after more than 30,000 traditional pulling tests, the strip can be prevented from breaking or deforming. The high quality materials in the ankle strap provide more comfort. The reinforced buckle and door anchor increase the attractiveness of the fitness bracelet.

Multiple resistance options:

each length of 5 exercise straps is 48 inches. (For simplicity, each band is also marked with an equivalent weight.) Different colours stand for different resistance levels: yellow (10 lb), red (15 lb), green (20 lb), blue (25 lb) and black (30 lb) you can use each exercise band individually or in combination as needed. The resistance levels range from 10 pounds to 100 pounds.

Suitable for all:

the resistance band suit can help everyone, whether men and women, professional athletes or beginners. It can be used for yoga, warming up before training, strength training or physiotherapy rehabilitation. With the compact and practical bag, you can easily transport the set to the gym or anywhere you exercise.


The resistance band set includes 5 resistance bands, 2 padded handles, 2 soft ankle straps, a door anchor and a waterproof handbag. Whether you focus on chest, back, hips, abdomen, shoulders, limbs, etc., it can meet your training needs. The reverse design connection of the D-type buckle is easier to remove.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions about customer service and the use of the product, simply visit our 7 x 24 hour customer service. We are happy to help you and offer you a pleasant shopping experience.

Product description


The resistance band kit is made of high-quality natural latex, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, durability and high elasticity.

Colour selection:

Yellow (10 lb / 4.5 kg)

Red (15 lb / 6.8 kg).

Green (20 lb / 9 kg).

Blue (25 lb / 11.3 kg).

Black (30 lb / 13.6 kg).

Weight: about 531 g.


5 x elastic resistance bands.

2 x padded sweatproof handles.

2 x adjustable ankle straps.

1 x durable door anchor.

1 x portable carrying bag.

SITRI exercise band is suitable for personal training, yoga, pilates, physical therapy, strengthening, conditioning upper and lower body.

These resistance bands are ideal for home gyms, offices and travel, and are ideal for exercising, stretching and promoting overall health.

After-sales service:

1. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will provide you with 7 x 24 customer service!

2. If there is any quality problem in our resistance band, please contact us, we will provide you with a 30-day return service.

3. You are welcome to give us feedback on our product use experience, we will serve you wholeheartedly!

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VIBOOS Digital Kitchen Scale. 5kg High Quality Stainless Steel. Electronic Cooking Scale. Stylish Ultra Thin Food Scale. Electronic Cooking Scales for Home and Kitchen with LED Display


VIBOOS Digital Kitchen Scale With a capacity of 5 kg (0.1 oz/1 grams), you can weigh vegetables, grains, fruit, etc. with amazing accuracy to precisely control portion size and cook healthier.

Practical tare function:

with this option you can deduct the weight of the container from the total weight to determine the net weight of the contents. Suitable for dry ingredients and liquids.

Easy to use:

the digital kitchen scale can quickly switch between g, ml, oz, lb.oz and read the result clearly on the display.


The smart and lightweight stainless steel measuring platform is easy to clean and maintain. Can be easily stored when not in use. Very suitable for home food and food or liquid distribution.

Customer Service:

If you have any questions, please contact us immediately. We will reply you within 24 hours.

Product description


1. Clear the LCD display with backlight.

2. 4 different weighing units (g, oz, lb, ml).

3. Quick and easy to tare

4. Low battery and overload indicator.

5. High precision sensors.


Maximum weight: 5 kg.

Minimum weight: 3g

Accuracy: 0.01 oz / 1 g.

Error range: ± 3 g.

Display size: 41 x 18 mm.

Product size: 180 x 140 x 18 mm.

Material: stainless steel.


1. Remove the blue protective film on the kitchen scale before use.

2. Always use the scale on a hard, flat surface, not on an uneven or soft material surface.

3. Please do not place overweighted items on the platform. Please calibrate it first if the measurement is not accurate.

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WEARXI Children’s Toy Boys – Toy from 3 years, Robot Children’s Toy Boys, Intelligent Robot Toy Boys, Gifts for Children, Santa Claus Gifts Children, Girls, Boy

Interactive companion:

this WEARXI Children’s Toy Boys can speak any sound it hears with a fun and cute voice. Just tap the small button on the head to turn it on. It has four types of sounds and five colourful flashing light eyes, which fascinates the child and is ready to communicate.

Flexible limbs:

Unlike other talking robots, this mini robot has 11 adjustable joints that can be rotated 360 degrees and positioned in any shape. It is made of safe and durable die-cast metal and is an excellent gift for children.

Educational toy:

this cute accompanying robot can help children and encourage them to talk more, improve their language skills and improve their vocabulary. It is not only a toy, but also a teacher and a good friend.

Portable and interesting:

the children’s toy in pocket size for air travel and car trips. This small robot weighs only 4 ounces, including 3 batteries, 6.4 inches high. This mini metal robot toy is very suitable to take with you and can bring children more pleasure.

Good choice for gift:

talking robots with exciting features and designs are what every child wants. This robot with exquisite packaging is the best choice as a birthday gift, Christmas gift, advent calendar children, visiting gift or festival gift for your children.

Product description


Wearxi – Robot children’s toy.

Not only a toy, but also your little companion.

Let us talk to him and it will talk what you say in a fun cute voice.

The fun sounds and lights behind the eyes of Star Wars R2D2!

Detailed description.

Power on: Press the ON/OFF button on the robot head.

Talking mode: press the ON/OFF again, repeat it to 20 seconds.

Power off: press the ON/OFF button again.

✔ Robot will automatically turn off after a short time if it does not detect sound.

Battery removal/installation.

  1. Replace the battery cover, replace the screw and tighten it.
  2. Batteries must be disposed of immediately and responsibly.
  3. Remove lid with a small Phillips screwdriver.
  4. Insert 6 LR44 1.5 V button cells in the direction indicated below.

Battery information:

  • The robot is equipped with 6 non-rechargeable LR44 1.5 V button cell batteries.
  • Check robots to make sure the battery compartment is safe before playing.
  • Do not mix different types of batteries, or new and used batteries.
  • Only use LR44 1.5V button cells.

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Hair Scissors Set. Scissors Set. Premium Sharp Hairdressing Scissors. Made of Stainless Steel for Thinning and Texturing. Modelling Professional Hairdressing Sets for Women, Men and Children Silver

Sharp blades:

the Premium Hair Scissors Set blade angle is precisely regulated, hair scissors with smooth surface and convex edges that do not damage or split the hair ends. The smooth scissors are ideal for cutting wet or dry hair.

Durable material:

the hair scissors angled blade made of 100% premium stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance. For dry and clean clothes, this hairdressing salon cape made of soft, lightweight, water-repellent material, everything is durable.

Easy t o Use:

Hair trimming scissors with round, adjustable screw system increases the necessary adjustment. The ergonomic design of the grip curve can reduce fatigue of the wrist, elbow and hand. The butt at the end of the handle can effectively reduce the wear and noise caused by impact.

Wide range of uses:

the Premium Hair Scissors Set are suitable for salon workers and hairdressers, as well as for home or personal use. Plus, everything included in the zippered leather case so it can be stored for secure storage.

Professional haircutting scissors:

The hair cutting set includes 1 straight scissors, 1 thinning scissors, 2 hair clips, 1 hair cape, 1 cleaning comb, 1 tail comb, 1 hair cutting comb, 1 cleaning cloth and 1 leather bag.

Product description

Colour Name:Silver

Molbory Two Types of Hairdressing Scissors in One Set:

1 x pair of hairdressing scissors. The flawless edges of the stainless steel scissors are sharp and provide accuracy and precision for an error-free expert hair cut.
Texturing scissors: They are also often referred to as thinning scissors or layer scissors and can be used to add size, texture, layers and even out or thin hair that is too thick.


High quality 4CR13 stainless steel.
Cut hair smoothly without hurting your fingers.
hair can easily be trimmed.
All-in-one hair cutting kit.


Hairdressing scissors material: 4CR stainless steel.
Hairdressing scissors in steel, hardness: 50HRC.
Scissors length: 17 cm.
Hairdressing scissors set weight: 340 g.

Please note:

1. Please clean the scissors after use for optimised long-term use.
2. These are very sharp scissors.
– Keep away from children.

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