AHUIFT Soap Dispenser Automatic with Sensor. 400ML Infrared Non-Contact. Liquid Soap Dispenser. Waterproof Suitable Bathroom, Kitchens, Hotel, Restaurant – Silver

Automatic and non-contact:

AHUIFT Soap Dispenser Automatic comes With the latest automatic sensor technology, after switching on, simply place your hand under the sensor of this automatic soap dispenser (within 5 cm). Once you turn it on, it won’t turn off automatically unless you turn it off. Works perfectly without touching the device, which is very hygienic, prevents the spread of bacteria and maintains health.

Convenient Visible Window:

The front of the sensor soap dispenser has a visible window that shows the fluid level. It is convenient for you to see the detergent level with the volume of liquid visible, which is great for replenishing in time. Please note that you should add liquid soap in time when the liquid level is low, otherwise the soap dispenser will not splash soap.

Shiny chrome and waterproof design:

The AHUIFT automatic soap dispenser is coated with shiny chrome which is always new and prevents water from sticking to it because the soap dispenser is IPX6 strong waterproof! In addition, it has a double opening cover to prevent the soap from spraying. The battery box with the cover and the switch with the soft waterproof cover are located on the underside of the soap dispenser.

Simple and Widely Used:

With a capacity of 400ml, which is enough for the whole family to use for a long time and without the frequent addition of soap, great for alcohol, liquid hand soap, dishwashing detergent and other liquids. The battery case cover is so easy to open that batteries (4 * AAA) are easier to install. When the battery is low, the light will flash to remind you to change it in time.

Customer Service:

We offer a 1 year warranty, replacement and refund. If you have any questions or wish to do so, please feel free to contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible within 24 hours. The 4 * 4AA batteries are not included.

Product description

AHUIFT Automatic Shiny Chrome Soap Dispenser, be neat and shiny like your sink.

400 ml contactless soap dispenser for the health and free life of the family

With a capacity of 400 ml, this automatic liquid soap dispenser is contactless after switching on. Keep your hands within 5 cm of the sensor. The soap automatically sprays 1 ml at a time. If you need more, you can recapture it. The touchless soap dispenser can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and is particularly suitable for families. Whenever it is, with health is with freedom! There is blue light when the liquid is splashing and when it is 


1.Please take out the battery if you will not be using it for a long time.

2. Please do not soak the device in water to avoid damage.

3.Please note that the normal working temperature is 3 ~ 40 ° C.

4. Please make sure to replenish the fluid level in good time when it is low.

5. Please do not note that the liquid soap must not be diluted or cannot splash out.

6. Please make sure that the liquid cover is installed well, otherwise the liquid will splash.


Type: Automatic soap dispenser


Material: ABS

Capacity: 400ml

Waterproof: IPX6

Battery: 4 * AAA batteries (not included)


1 * soap dispenser

1 * English user manual

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AHUIFT automatic soap dispenser. Contactless foam soap dispenser. With 2 adjustable foam quantity for bathroom & kitchen 500ml

Higher sensitivity and latest version 4.0 infrared sensor 

Our AHUIFT Automatic Soap Dispenser improves the stability and detection speed of the sensor. When the sensor detects your hand, the molding soap will be dispensed at high speed within 0.3 s. It is perfect for power on / off bathroom, kitchen, hotel, office and single press to toggle high / low soap mode which better suits your needs.


Suitable for various soaps such as hand sanitizer, body lotion, facial cleanser, etc. The capacity of the dispenser is 500ml, larger than others, it is good for family or public use. Recommendation: Please dilute the ordinary liquid soap 1: 3 with water (soap: water), then shake the bottles to mix them.

Adjustable and Wall Mounted

Automatic Soap Dispenser The LARGE capacity is 500ml. Variable amount of foam soap with variable dispensing by adjusting the switch to control the amount of soap from 0.7 to 1.2g. No dripping or running, no waste soap. Compatible. It wall mounting. Accessories have been prepared for you, with which you can hang the soap dispenser on the wall.

Easy to use on the LCD screen

Newest unique thermal touch LCD screen on top that shows the remaining soap modes and battery. Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on and off, and press once to toggle the high / low soap mode which better suits your needs. Powered by 4 * AA batteries (not included).

Verkauf After Sales & Tips

We promise a 1 year money back guarantee, 2 year guarantee and friendly customer service. If you have any problem, please contact us and we will offer you the best service.

Product description

Adjustable amount of foam to save extra money

The AHUIFT automatic soap dispenser can adjust the volume of foam soap. You can adjust the volume control from 0.7 to 1.2 g as needed so as not to cause any waste or shortage. And the foam soap is diluted with the ordinary liquid soap in a ratio of 1: 3 (lotion: water), so that an ordinary bottle of liquid soap can be used longer. The wall hanging function saves you space.

LCD screen

Newest unique thermal touchscreen LCD screen on top that shows remaining soap modes and battery so you can change battery in time. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn it on or off, and press once to toggle high or low soap mode which better suits your needs and does not cause waste. It is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included).



Product dimension: 12.3 * 9.7 * 19.6cm

Special feature: automatic sensor, LCD screen

Package include:

automatic soap dispenser


repair accessories


Batteries are required but not included! If you will not use it for a long time, please remove the batteries to avoid moisture


block the foam outlet with your hand.

immerse or rinse the automatic soap dispenser or it will short out.

use non-foaming hand sanitizer or it will not work.

turn the soap dispenser upside down.

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SUNKONG automatic soap dispenser. Non-contact disinfectant foam dispenser. With infrared sensor for kitchens. Bathrooms, offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, train stations, etc.


Automatic soap dispenser with 350 ml capacity for practical and hygienic application of disinfectants, detergents and also care products. So best protection through intelligent hand hygiene.

【IPX6 Waterproof Anti-Leakage Battery Compartment】:

In addition Soap dispenser with AAA level anti-leakage and IPX6 Waterproof waterproof technology to prevent the soap or water from corroding circuit board. Waterproof base also helps prevent the battery case from soaked in water, which causes corrosion.

【Soap Dispenser with Infrared Sensor】:

The automatic soap dispenser also has a built-in precise infrared smart sensor and a detection time of only 0.25 seconds to filter out the foams, Put your hand under the sensor, the pump will automatically dispense foam. So you no longer have to pump the soap by hand.

【Large capacity】:

In addition the built-in bottle has a large capacity of 350 ml, operated with 4 AA batteries. With the translucent water tank, you can see the remaining amount of liquid at a glance. (Note: Batteries not included in this product.)

【Ideal for adults / children】:

Pump dispenser disinfectant Has a high-performance micromotor, low energy consumption and low noise. When the hand leaves the sensor detection area, the hand disinfectant foam function stops immediately and the energy consumption of the battery is reduced by 50%.

Product information

Man washing hands with soap

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ICETEK Vacuum Sealer Machine, Upgrade Full Automatic Food Savers with Customized Vacuum Modes and Rolls Starter Kit

Lock&Release Automatically:

Simply feed bags into the vacuum chamber, then touch the model. ICETEK Vacuum Sealer Machine would automatically take care of the rest to reduces spoilage and food waste.

Customized Vacuum Level:

Free to control the vacuum time to fit whatever you seal. Provides your food with best preservation based on the type of food.

External Pumping Function:

External vacuum pumping is available for canning. Wine preservation, vacuum packing, food storage bags and so on. Professional Vacuum Sealing System eliminates freezer burn, reduces spoilage and food waste, our food vacuum sealer machines are a great helper for sous vide cooking and marinate Ingredients together.

Best Food Preserver:

The Vacuum Sealer keep food fresh 8 x longer than ordinary storage. But also can as a Great Prevent oxidation Back-Up Bags for protecting them from dirt and damage, such as photos, jewelry, antiques, clothes, medication, important paperwork, etc.

No-Risk to Purchase:

Any quality issue with your vacuum sealer machine, please feel free to contact us and let us know. We will try our best to help you! ICETCK strives to bring the best customer service!

Product Description

ICETCK Vacuum Sealer Machine, A Great Helper for Your kitchen

Why choose our vacuum sealer?

Fully Automatically Opening & Closing Cover:

Just insert the bags, press the model, the cover will lock & release automatically

Seals “Dry” and “Moist” Food

Practical Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing. With its one-touch operation simply select whether you’re sealing a dry or with moisture food.

Smart and convenient operation:

LED indicator light easily guides you through the whole process.

3D Great Suction Technology:

The Vacuum Sealer Built-In 120W Power, Which Strong Suction Degree is as High As -70kpa. Done Sealing and Vacuum Sealing in 5-15 Seconds.

Automatic Opening & Closing CoverJust put the bag into the vacuum chamber without lifting the lid, choose a mode, touch once, then wait for it to releaseJar VacuumingLoving growing vegetables and fruits in your garden, this vacuum sealer can be your best assistant. Preserve them in the vacuum container or food cans for soups, salads, or tomato juice. Enjoy the fruits of your labor in such an easy and funny way.Easy-to-Clean HousingTo ensure optimum performance and food safe, please clean your unit after each use because bacteria can build up easily


Voltage: 120V/ 60Hz

Suction: 70 KPA

Power: 120W

Product size: 378*161*58.5 (mm)

Sealing time: 10-35S

Maximum sealing width:30 cm/ 11.8inch

Packing list:

vacuum sealer machine

vacuum roll (11″ x 10′)

2 x container tube

instruction manual

bag cutter

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laxikoo Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser. Automatic Spray Dispenser Automatic Alcohol Dispenser Alcohol Mist Spray Dispenser. Automatic Infrared Sensor Sprayer 350ML for Kitchen, Bathroom, Office Building

【Automatic disinfectant dispenser】

This automatic disinfectant dispenser is used for spraying alcohol and for automatic dosing of the spray. Safe and healthy, make hand washing more efficient, eliminate cross-contamination and ensure optimal hand hygiene that is good for you and your family’s health.

【Non-touch hand washing】

Also Simply put your hand under the sensor to automatically spray aqueous liquid or disinfectant. Then fast automatic dosing of spray in 0.25 seconds, prevents the spread of bacteria through contact and prevents cross-contamination.

【Suitable for alcohol】

In addition automatic disinfectant dispenser is suitable for alcohol (Concentration 0-85%). Also no highly concentrated soapy water or hand sanitiser and other highly concentrated viscous liquids.

【Save energy】

Also This is powered by 4 AA alkaline. But batteries (not included). The long standby mode can be placed and moved at any time. Also the design of circuitry with low energy consumption extends battery life and saves money.

【Wide application】

Put it in a public place or bathroom to prevent bacteria from getting between people. Also Perfect for kids, kitchen, bathroom, hospital, hotel, office and more.

Product information

laxikoo automatic disinfection dispenser can disinfected, sterilized and spray disinfected

An excellent solution for hand hygiene in public places

  • Contactless spraying, prevents bacteria from spreading through contact.
  • Alcohol and spray disinfectants can kill 99% of viruses and bacteria.
  • It uses less soap than a squeeze soap dispenser, more convenient and hygienic.

Widely used in applications, since it does not require an electrical outlet, you can use it in your bathroom and kitchen. Also suitable for families, hotels, hospitals, offices and other places.

Clean quickly

Cleaning soap and alcohol turn into mist. So hands dry quickly without a hand dryer.

Big capacity

In addition the built-in bottle has a large capacity of 350 ml, with the translucent water tank you can see the remaining amount of liquid at a glance.

High precision sensors disinfectant dispenser

Also the infrared sensor detects your hand from a distance of up to 5 cm. So fast automatic dosing of spray in 0.25 seconds.

Effective disinfectant dispenserSafe and healthy, without contact and without pressure, make hand washing more efficient, eliminate cross-contamination and ensure optimal hand hygiene that is good for you and your family’s health.Waterproof and leak-proofThe battery compartment is located on the back of the main unit, is IPX3 waterproof, prevents wet damage when leaving the tabletop.Automatic hand sanitizer dispenserThe infrared sensor detects your hand from a distance of up to 5 cm, the response time of the sensor is approx. 0.25 seconds. You no longer have to press the button like before.

More info:

Contactless design, more convenientUsing this modern intelligent automatic induction disinfection sprayer is more convenient and safer than traditional disinfection sprayer.Wide-ranging applicationsAutomatic induction alcohol disinfection sprayer can effective sterilization and Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, offices, school, hospital and other public.350ml IR induction sprayerWith a capacity of 350ml, you can wash your hands for a long time and don’t often replace the liquid hand sanitizer or alcohol.

How do I insert the battery?

You don’t need to disassemble the soap box like other soap dispensers, but just open the battery cover to replace it.

4 AA batteries are required but not included.

Please note:

1. The product cannot be soaked or washed directly.

2. No highly concentrated soapy water or hand sanitizer and other highly concentrated viscous liquids.

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