SYOSIN Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter for tv,Bluetooth tv Transmitter with LCD Display,3.5mm Aux Wireless Stereo Adapter for PC Car Speaker

【LCD screen design】

TheSYOSIN Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter equipped with LCD screen, so you can intuitively get the Bluetooth link status on the screen. In order to reduce the friction between the product screen and the packaging box. We have added a layer of protective film on the screen. We suggest that you can tear off the protective film after receiving the product to facilitate your normal use.

【High compatibility】

In addition the SYOSIN Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter supports 3.5mm assisted audio and is compatible with smartphones. Also bluetooth audio devices (Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth speakers, etc.). Also the transmission mode is related to the compatibility of the headset speaker. But if you don’t understand the specific model and operation method of the headset speaker whether it is compatible with products. So please consult the online customer service. We will wholeheartedly provide help and guidance.

【Wireless Function】

The Bluetooth receiver allows audio to streamed wirelessly from an older media device such as a TV or portable CD player to a Bluetooth speaker or headset. Allowing you to watch football/baseball/boxing/golf late at night without having to wake anyone up.

【Bluetooth transmitter supports hands-free call】

When the Bluetooth receiver has an incoming call in the receiving mode, press the M key to answer the call hands-free.

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【2 in 1 design】

SYOSIN Bluetooth transmitter enables you to send and receive all audio easily. Transmission mode enables your TV, AV receiver, radio, and other home audio source devices to stream music to a Bluetooth headset or speaker;The reception mode allows non-Bluetooth devices, such as home stereo AV receivers, to play music wirelessly via a mobile phone /PC.

Product description

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Question 1: Does the Bluetooth receiver not work on your TV?

Answer 1: The Bluetooth receiver is in the transmission mode, the Bluetooth headset and the Bluetooth receiver are in the pairing state, after the matching is successful, insert one end of the 3.5mm audio cable into the TV 3.5mm output port.

Question 2: Neither item can sync with the Bluetooth headset you purchased at the same time?

Answer 2: Check to see if the Bluetooth receiver is in transmit mode (TX) and if the Bluetooth headset is in pair mode.

Question 3: Is the Bluetooth receiver not connected to both headphones?

Answer 3: The Bluetooth receiver can only be connected to one headset.

Question 4: The Bluetooth receiver is not working properly. Will the Bluetooth connection be established?

Answer 4: Disconnect the Bluetooth receiver from the USB, then reconnect it and make sure that the bluetooth receiver is in the “paired” or “hidden” state.

Question 5. Found the device but couldn’t match it?

Answer 5: Please confirm whether the product belongs to the mode you want, it is recommended to watch the linked video operation.

Question 6: How do you pair a Bluetooth receiver with an Apple and an Airpods?

Answer 6: When pairing the Bluetooth receiver with the Airpods, you need to press the button on the back of the Airpods’ battery cell until the connection is successful, and you need to repeat this action each time you connect.

Question 7: How can there be scratches on the product screen after receiving the goods?

Answer 7: In order to reduce the friction between the screen and the packaging box, we have added a layer of protector on the screen. After receiving the goods, you can tear off the protector for normal use.