Sylanda Electric Callus Remover. Pedicure Electric Foot Care Callus Planer. Callus Rasp USB Rechargeable. Callus Removal with 3 Roller Heads for Coarse Skin Dead Skin Calluses

【Safe and Fast Electric Callus Remover】

Sylanda Electric Foot Care Callus Remover can solve corn, callus, dry / dead skin problem in minutes or even seconds. Compared to other natural and manual treatments, the electric callus remover is faster, safer, offers the same pedicure salon and generates more savings in the long run. Handy for busy people and ladies. Much more like being pampered in a beautiful foot spa.

【3 different roles】

The Sylanda Electric Foot Care device is supplied with 3 different roles. The coarse grinding head removes dead skin on the heel, the fine grinding head removes the dead skin on the foot and the polishing head is used for polishing nails. Thus you can remove both thick and thin calluses painlessly. Gently and effectively removes rough, dry feet and hard calluses with ease.

【Powerful & Gentle】

This electronic callus remover is powered by a powerful motor that gently but effectively removes hard, dead or thick skin; Spinning over 80 times / s, two 360 ° rotating head, the hand-to-hand grip: this pedicure callus remover inevitably removes rough skin and brings you silky-smooth skin from heel to toe with ease of use. No more blades, no more callus or deep cracks.

【Non-slip & dust-free design】

The design of the Smooth wet & dry electric callus remover is extra non-slip so that you can hold it securely while using it. When not in use, the removable cover ensures that no dirt gets into the roller head. Thanks to the cordless design, you can also use the electric callus remover on the go (e.g. after exercising, traveling, etc.).

【USB Rechargeable Battery & Double Safety Protection】

This rechargeable electric callus remover powered by highly efficient rechargeable lithium battery (only 4 hours charge time). The dead skin remover will stop automatically when pressed very hard so it doesn’t hurt your skin. It will not start if the lock button is not pressed. So it is impossible to accidentally turn on, ruin clothes or other things around them.

Product description

Color: pink

Elegant and charming, starting from the feet.
Electric Callus Remover Foot File – Easily remove dead skin and sharpen nails.

Why would you use the electric callus remover?

✔ Effective Foot File:
This pedicure installed in a powerful motor that delivers an amazing 80 times per second. Quickly quickly remove away the dry and dead skin of your feet.
✔ The grinding head is removable and washable.After
use, the grinding head can disassembled and washed, and the small brush supplied can used for convenient and quick cleaning.
✔ Good quartz sand:
Pure natural quartz sand combined with modern technology enable it quickly and effectively remover hard skin.

Steps to use:

1. Immerse your feet in hot water for 5 minutes. After your feet have dried, use a coarse grinder to remove thick cuticles on your heels.
2. Grind off dead skin on the feet with a fine sanding head.
3. Polish the nails with a buffing head to make them smooth and shiny.
4. After cleaning, apply moisturizing products to thoroughly care for your feet.


1 , Do not immerse the device in water.
2 , To avoid accidents or damage to your body or product, please keep away from thread, clothes, hair, eyelashes, etc.
3 , This product is intended for dry and rough skin on hands, feet or heels and must not be used on other parts of the body.

Package contents :

corneal remover
extra-rough head
fine- grain head 

USB cable
user manual