solawill LED bedside lamp, night light touch dimmable with 4 USB Fast connections 8 colors RGB and timing function Mood light table lamp for children eye protection night lamp for bedroom camping

【4 USB quick charge ports】:

This solawill LED Bedside Lamp has 4 quick charge USB ports with the maximum permissible current of 2.4A with which you can quickly charge your electronic devices. The night light must be connected to the power supply during use. The night lamp does not have a built-in battery.

【Touch sensor bedside lamp】:

The solawill LED Bedside Lamp has a variety of brightness levels. Long press the “+” “-” button to select the appropriate brightness level. You can read in bright light, relax in warm or natural light and fall asleep in low light.

【Eye protection night light】:

Touch bedside lamp with an eye-friendly 360 ° light field that provides a more even and more delicate light. This can help protect your children’s eyes when they read at night. Also perfect for action at night and there is matching soft light without waking up your families.

【Widely used】:

LED bedside lamp and it is suitable for all occasions, party, bedroom, outdoor, camping, reading etc. Pleasant, intense and warm light for every occasion.

【4 USB ports】

Night light touch dimmable with 4 USB ports can charge your mobile phone at the same time and thus cover your daily charging needs.

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【Colorful atmosphere lights】:

Night light has 8 RGB color changes that make your room more beautiful and romantic. Just tap the control panel lamp to choose your favorite color and pause it (red, green, blue, yellow, purple …) You can also set the timer to turn off the night light.

Product descriptions

solawill bedside lamp a perfect gift option for all occasions. Touch night light provides stable and flicker-free lighting for reading, sleeping, working or studying.

【Easy to use】

Touch operation allows for easy operation, just touch the top to turn on / off / adjust the night light. Bedside lamp with a colorful light is perfect to illuminate any room for any occasion.

【24-hour service】

If you are not satisfied with it. Contact us, we will reply you asap We have a commitment to every buyer 100% satisfaction.

🌟🌟🌟Instructions for use:

“M” mode button (colored jump, colored breath, colored gradient)

1.Long press to darken, short press to switch the color.
2.Long press “+” to light up, press briefly to change the color.
3.”-” Long press the switch light and short press to switch the warm light or the colored light
“🕘” time button. Short press the button to change the time to turn off the lamp. The button light blinked once and the light went out after 1 hour. Flashed twice and turned off after 2 hours, flashed three times and turned off after 4 hours, flashed four times and turned off after 6 hours. Press and hold the button to cancel the setting.


Please tear off the protective film on the touch screen before use.
Package includes:
LED bedside lamp
Cord (EU standard power plug).