Solawill Book Lamp. Foldable Mood Lighting. USB Recharge Bedside Lamp. Magnetic Decorative Lamps for Children Girlfriend Gift Parents Home Decor Waterproof Paper + Wood

Beautiful soft light:

mood light in the Solawill Book Lamp . Which illuminates your room by a soft light, creates an incredible and relaxed atmosphere, a great decoration for your home.


With built-in magnets in the front and back, the book lamp can be rotated and folded at any angle of 360°, you can not only use the book lamp as a night light but also as a beautiful decoration.

Personalized book lamps:

when you open the book, the Solawill Book Lamp will turn on. When you close and open the book, the light changes the colour (yellow, red, green, blue) and 1 gradient mode.


the book lamp can be used as a table lamp, floor lamp, pendant lamp and wall lamp, etc. It can also be used as a decoration of artistic at home, school or in the office.

Durable and rechargeable:

outer shell is made of maple wood and Tyvek paper inside are high durability, waterproof and tear-resistant. With built-in battery through a USB cable for charging, lasts up to 6 hours of continuous lighting.

Product description

Solawill LED book lamps with special appearance is absolutely a perfect, special and amazing gift for your families, friends, lovers etc.

Practical and decorative

4 colour changing (yellow, red, green, blue) and 1 gradient mode. It illuminates your room with a soft light. Different colours are suitable for different environments.


Mini size and light weight, it is very easy to carry and use anywhere.

Beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Made of Tyvek paper with high durability and strong water resistance, so the book lamps are durable.


With a USB cable and a rechargeable battery (built-in) you can charge your decorative lights extremely easily.


Power: 5 W.
Charging time: 3-4 hours.
Exposure time: 4-6 hours.
Material: white maple, DuPont paper.
Book size: 145 x 110 x 25 mm.
Charged: can be charged via USB.
Battery: 3.7 V 2000 mAh polymer battery.

▲ Precautions:

1. Please do not place this book lamp in a hot or humid environment.
2. If there is dust, wipe it with a dry cloth and avoid using a damp cloth.
3. Red light will light up during charging. It turns a fully charged battery into a blue light.

Package includes:

book lamp.
USB cable.
user manual (English language not guaranteed).