Karrong Solar Outdoor Wall Lights 30 Led Super Bright Security Light Motion Sensor for Garden (1 Pack)

Efficient & Environmentally Friendly.

Our Solar lights have a solar panel that convert light energy into electrical energy without the need for additional charging or replacement of batteries. Its photoelectric conversion efficiency is around 12-18%, full power state working time is about 8 hours.

Note: If the sun is not strong, the battery may not be fully charged, so lighting time will be affected.

Light & Human Sensing.

Solar lights have light sensors and human infrared sensing, can perceive light and human motion. When the night time sensing and the human sensor work at the same time, when someone walks in within a distance of 3-5 meters, the lamp automatically lights up and keep for 20 seconds.During the day, solar wall lights convert the charging state, even if someone is close will not light up, saving electricity.

Applicable Occasions.

Ideal for front doors, backyards, gardens, paths, corridors, also garage gates and any place where the sun can shine. But the distance between each installation should be 6 meters away.

Lighting Mode.

Solar wall lights with human induction, can sense the movement of the human body. At night, when someone approaches, it automatically lights up, providing an excellent lighting environment.When a person leaves, the light lights up again and maintains for 20 seconds.

High quality & Durability.

The use of high-quality heat-resistant materials.

waterproof coefficient of IP65, not afraid of outdoor dust and small raindrops. Remember: You can’t install solar lights in water or where it’s easy to get water when raining, and you can’t soak in water for long periods of time.

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Product description

Product feature
1.Recharged by sunlight and store power for ovemight lighting.
2.Over 8 hours light time after full charge.
3.Weatherproof ip65 ,heatproof and durable.
4.Intelligent energy-saving.

Operation instruction

1.How to install the device?
Please use the supplied expansion pillar-hinge and screws to mount the device on pole or wall anywhere outside you want for lighting.

2.Charging via solar panel
Please install the unit face south and make sure the solar panel can get the good sunlight directly without any shelter or glass.normally it can be fully charged in one day under ideal bright sunlight.

3.Motion sensor function
It will auto tum on bright light when people walk around 2-3 meters close, after 20 seconds, will auto tum off.

1.Please fully charge the device before first use.
2.Do not install in places prone to water accumulation.
3.If there is no good sunlight or in winter sunlight, especial in north countries, it may take long time too fully charge the device and this is very normal for solar products.