Sleep mask 2020 Unimi Improved eye mask for women and men, soft eye mask made of 3D contoured Lycra material, 100% light blocking sleep mask for travel, naps, yoga

Blocks all light 100%:

The padded inner nose design of the Sleep Mask effectively prevents light leaks. This creates complete darkness for you and still leaves your eyes with maximum freedom. Great for meditation, yoga, travel, napping, and insomnia.

High quality silky material:

memory foam and lycra as well as cotton, soft, comfortable, stretchy and really lightweight.

Ergonomic 3D design:

The Unimi Sleep Mask has a 3D contoured design that fits snugly against the bridge of the nose and does not put any pressure on your eyes.

Fit for a wide range of head circumferences:

The adjustable strap with the thinner buckle prevents your hair from tangling while sleeping and always stays in place.

Quality and service guarantee:

Unimi always stands for the quality of its products, not only for product quality, but also for customer service of the highest standard that solves your questions and problems online around the clock.

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Product information

Who is Unimi?

We are a passionate professional team committed to providing customers with undisturbed sleep and a pleasant rest environment.

We have a professional development team, production team, and excellent service team. Your joyful purchase is our greatest goal, your satisfaction is our greatest pursuit.

Improved 3D design, 100% light blocking

100% light-tight blindfold for absolute darkness

The scientific 3D design of the eye mask ensures that the sleep mask stays close to the skin around your eyes. The padded inner nose design for the face mask can effectively prevent light leaks. It fits the bridge of your nose snugly and thus ensures complete darkness.

  • Our eye masks are made of natural and easy to clean materials. You can easily hand wash them.
  • It is best not to use a washing machine, as the internal shape memory foam can lose flexibility, but is not impaired when hand-washed.

Soft, comfortable and breathable

The lining made of high-quality, highly breathable Lycra material and memory foam with little reshaping feels more comfortable. Great to fold so you can take it anywhere.