SEGMINISMART solar fountain. Solar pond pump with solar panel. Built-in battery water pump. Solar floating fountain pump with 6 fountain styles for garden, bird bath, pond

Environmentally friendly design:

SEGMINISMART solar fountain is an extremely competent solar panel, it is completely controlled by solar energy. It doesn’t need a battery or electricity. It is an environmentally friendly solar pump and saves money.

High quality solar panels:

We have equipped our floating solar fountain with high quality and durable solar panels that are guaranteed not to break or deform overtime. Make sure that the fountain will continue to work for a long time without breaking.

Different types of water:

There are 6 different types of nozzle heads attached to the pump itself. It helps to change the height of the water in different water patterns. The water can rise up to 30-60 cm.

Easy to use:

Just put it in the water, the pump starts working when there is sufficient sunlight. Perfect for bird bath, aquarium, small pond, pool, garden decoration and water circulation for oxygen.


Please confirm that there is enough water in your well to keep this solar water pump completely submerged. The solar water pump only runs when each panel exposed to full and direct sunlight.

Product description

★ Note:

1.Since the performance of the solar collector depends on sunlight, the pump performance also influenced by the weather, the seasons, etc.
2.Before use, remove the film covering the solar panel.
3.Do not let the pump work for a long time without water, as this will shorten its service life.
4.4 different water spray effects by combining or exchanging spray heads.
5.Change the water frequently and clean the pump regularly so that the pump not blocked by dirt.
6.Be careful to protect the solar panel to avoid damage, keep surface cleaning constantly.