Magnetic eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, magnetic eyeliner set, with waterproof gel-free 3D magnetic eyeliner and reusable false magnetic eyelashes, 3 pairs.

【Magnetic Eyelash Set】

To pursue beauty. The latest PTKOONN magnetic eyelash set adopts a new formula that is more attractive and easier to remove than the previous products. Also the set includes a magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes, a mirror and an eyelash clip. After proper care, magnetic eyelashes can be used repeatedly, saving you money.

【Magnetic Eyeliner Kit with Eyelashes】

In addition The PTKOONN Magnetic eyelashes are made of hand made grade A fiber, which is extremely soft and long for the entire eyes. Also Magnetic eyeliner is highly pigmented and water resistant, quick drying and durable. It is allergy free, long lasting, quick drying, no fade or flaking, not easy to fall off. With proper care and storage, these magnetic eyelashes can be reused again and again.

【Easy to Use】

Like any other eyeliner. After you apply the eyeliner, you only need the eyelash tweezers to clip the eyelashes on the eyeliner. So it is very easy to apply. Also they are very easy to apply and support the eyelashes and keep them in place all day. So you can use it without any special training.

【No glue and no irritation】

our product uses high-quality, safe ingredients and also is latex free, allergy free. Eliminate the need for glue. So say goodbye to allergies. You can apply your magnetic eyelashes effortlessly.

【Reusable and cleanable】

the handmade magnetic eyelashes can be used many times with proper use and storage. It can help you save money to buy tons of false eyelashes. Easy to carry and clean.

Product description

Why choose Magnetic Eyeliner Eyelash System?

Super easy to use.
Easy to use.
Endless repositionable
Matches your makeup routine
Seriously fast.

Easy to use

Tightening our magnetic eyelashes with the eyeliner kit is very easy.
First, apply the magnetic eyeliner like any other eyeliner. Wait a few minutes for it to get sticky and then apply the magnetic eyelash to it.

How to remove

1. Prepare makeup remover or drug purchased Micellar Water.
2. Carefully remove the magnetic eyelashes.
3. Wash your face with warm water. Then wipe with Q-Tips and Eye Makeup Remover. Eyeliner will come off.

Product list:

1 x magnetic eyeliner (5 ml).
3 x pairs of magnetic eyelashes (6 pieces).
1 x tweezers.