Ion hair dryer, professional hair dryer with ion care technology. 1800 watt hair dryer with 3 temperature settings, warm and cool wind switch, 3 styling nozzles for straightening, curls & waves

【Professional Hair Dryer with Enough Power】

Professional Hair Dryer have Powerful Power, A professional AC motor creates a strong airflow and wind is strong and stable, for efficient styling, quick drying, affecting the moisture content of the scalp and hair, straightening the hair and reducing frizz and dryness.

【Overheating protection and noise reduction】

The Professional Hair Dryer is made of high temperature insulating material to prevent overheating and burning; prevents extreme heat from damaging your hair, for gentle, shiny hair and an anti-frizz effect. In addition, a smart design to reduce noise reduces the noise.

【3 different styling attachments】

Ion hair dryer with 1 diffuser and 2 nozzles to meet your different hair care needs! The straightening nozzle is used to dry the hair while straightening the hair. The styling nozzle is used to control the wind direction for easy styling.

【Three temperature and wind speeds】

This professional hair dryer is equipped with 3 wind speeds, natural wind, 1st level wind and 2nd level wind for different hair types, and 1 separate hot / cold button.

【Easy to use】

The cable is 2.5 meters long and has more room to move. The hair dryer air filter is removable, easy to use and easy to clean. Negatively charged ions eliminate static electricity, nourish the hair and smooth the outer cuticle for shiny hair.

Product description

The negative ion hair dryer dries the hair evenly and quickly at a controlled temperature, more energy-efficient and with less radiation, prevent static charging of your hair, for a smooth look. You’ll love the smooth feel of your hair after every use.

Use of 3 types of nozzles:

Smooth nozzle: drying the hair and straightening the hair, supple and organized.
Styling nozzle: drying the hair, controlling the wind direction for easy styling.
Diffuser curl nozzle: drying the hair, diffuser-oriented air flow to make curls more visible.


Net Weight : 625g (With Cable)
Package Weight : 1.2kg
Product Specifications: 10 * 30 * 34 (cm)
Nominal voltage / nominal power: 220 V / 1600-2000 W
Application: salon, home, dormitory, hotel, etc.
Constant temperature: 35 ° C in first gear, 47 ° C in second gear, 65 ° C in third gear
Application: salon / Hair Salon / Home / Dorm / Dorm / Hotel etc.

Package Include:

1x Hair Dryer
1x Diffuser
2x Nozzles
1x User Manual


1.After using the hot air for a long time, the temperature on the nozzle may be very high. Do not touch or replace the nozzle immediately.
2.The material made of high quality hard plastic, new products may have a slight smell when first use. After a few uses, the smell will go away.