OVAREO Remote Control Car, 2.4GHz Children’s Toy Car Vehicle 360 ​​° Rotation Car Remote Control Racer Stunt Car Electric Motorcycles for Children Boys Girls

360 Degrees Turn and Flip

– OVAREO Remote Control Car goes forward, backward, turns left, turns right, and falls 360 degrees, turns and flips, superior experience from your imagination.

High material and speed

– Made of ABS and rubber, strong and durable body with more crashworthiness. This rc vehicle has two powerful four wheel drive motors that ensure high speed when running and turning, suitable for children 5 to 10 years old.

Easy to use

– Equipped with a special radio control and a built-in precise signal receiver, they make it easier for small children to control the stunt car over long distances and are available for them to play and learn.

Easy to transport

– The children’s toy car vehicle is fast, small and light and can be easily transported anywhere, not just at home. 5 AA batteries required (not included).

Satisfaction Guarantee

– Every remote control car has passed strict quality control before shipping. 30 days back and 100% satisfied customer service.

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Product description

Starting method: 

1: turn the remote control car and remove the screws.
2: Insert the batteries. Two for the remote-controlled car and three for the remote-controlled car. 
3: Turn on the car switch and control it with the remote control. Package List

Car 1 * Remote Control Warning

Tip  1. Batteries for both car and remote control are not included. Buy the batteries before you play the RC car toy. 
2.If you find that the remote controlled car cannot be controlled remotely, it means the battery needs to be replaced.
  3. Do not give this product to children under 5 years of age. 
4. Do not play on the street or other dangerous places to avoid accidents. 
5. Always remove the batteries when they are exhausted or when the product is not going to be used for a long period of time.