OneAmg Air Compressor. Car Compressor 12 V. 150 PSI Portable Car Air Pump. Tyre Inflator with LED Screen. Long Cable, LED Light, and Carry Bag for Car, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Ball

Easy to use and automatic shut-off:

the OneAmg Air Compressor is easy to use. Simply connect the power supply of the car air pump to the 12 V cigarette lighter, connect the inflation hole to the tyre air hole, and adjust the desired unit and value via the touch screen. Finally press the switch. When the PSI reaches the required threshold, the inflator automatically turns off and prevents overfilling.

Quick inflation and efficient:

the maximum air pressure of our portable air compressor is 150 PSI, and our high-performance tyre inflator inflates medium standard car tyres in 3-5 minutes from 0-35 psi. It makes inflating tyres easier, quieter and more convenient in emergency situations. Side is a double-sided air intake design, which increases inflation efficiency. At the same time, a larger cooler can effectively ensure a longer life of the air flow.

➤ Portable Design & Space Saving:

The car compressor equipped with a 3 meter long hidden power cord that is long enough. Digital tyre inflator / air pump and lightweight design of the portable tyre inflator has almost no waste, you can easily lift it and the portable car air pump is also convenient to carry. Comes with a storage bag that you can take with you or conveniently store in your suitcase.

LCD digital display and LED lighting:

the portable air compressor equipped with a large, high-precision and bright display. With the display you can calculate the required PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM² value. Allows you to set clearer and more accurate tyre pressure standard values. LED lights can used easily even in the dark.


Other applications: Automatic compressors can inflate the wheels of motorcycles, cars, bicycles or medium sized cars, SUVs, etc. (Large or motorised trucks are not supported.) Do not worry about the length of the power cable. In addition, there are three nozzle accessories and fuses that can be used to inflate sports equipment such as balls and air cushions.

Product description

Why choose our OneAMG car compressor?

Main features:

Touch screen display and auto shut-off: the tyre inflator closes automatically when the tyre pressure reaches the standard value.
Four preset unit values: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM².
☑PORTABLE & EASY TO STORE: Compact size and slim design, light weight.
☑ Adjustable Pressure: The pressure can be adjusted according to your needs and is widely used in multiple devices.
LED light: the tyre pump compressor can be used at night as it has built-in LED lights for lighting or emergency lighting.
☑ Up to 150 PSI, car tyres 60S fast. It makes emergency air tyres easier and more comfortable.


Power: 120W
Voltage: DC 12 V.
Power supply type: cigarette lighter.
Maximum operating current: 10 A.
Maximum pressure: 150 PSI
Material: ABS + stainless steel.

Operating instructions:

1) Start the power supply of the car first.
2) Please plug the power cord into the cigarette lighter (12V) in the car.
3) Please connect the air hose to the tyre inflator nozzle. Make sure there is no air leak and press firmly on the valve island.
4) The required tyre pressure value is preset. (Press the “R” button to select the unit, press the “-” and “+” buttons to set the default pressure value).
5) Press the power button to start inflating.
6) When the air pressure reaches the preset pressure, the air pump automatically stops inflation.

Package includes:

1 x air compressor.
3 x nozzle adapters.
1 x user manual (English language not guaranteed).