omitium light alarm clock, wake up light sunrise sunset simulation alarm clock FM radio with 7 colors 6 natural sounds bedside lamp 10 dimming levels and snooze function for children & adults

【7 colored LED light and 10 brightness levels】

The omitium Light Alarm Clock gives 7 light color options: green, red, blue, purple, orange, yellow, indigo. You can feel free to choose your favorite color. Provides a warm white light with 10 levels of brightness. It can not only serve as a mood light, but also as a bedside lamp.

【Sunrise and sunset simulation】

Sunrise simulation starts 30 minutes before the alarm time. The omitium Light Alarm Clock gradually increases from 10% brightness up to 100% gently to wake you up from deep sleep and give you a good mood in the morning; Sunset simulation 30 minutes before bedtime, the light is switched on with an intensity of 100% and goes lower and lower in 30 minutes until it is switched off, lets you fall asleep naturally.

【6 types of natural sounds & FM radio】

6 natural sounds with 15-level volume control. Sounds like music, birds, waves, forest, beeping and so on so that you can enjoy the sounds and smells of nature. Touch the FM button, the FM function is activated and automatically searches for the radio channel. You can set your interested FM channel as an alarm ring (the seventh alarm tone).

【Snooze function】

Simply press the “Sleep” button during the alarm, the sound will stop and you can sleep an additional 5 minutes, and after 5 minutes the sound will be repeated gently, you can use these 5 minutes to keep your brain in bed relax so that you can get out of bed more easily and naturally.

【Ideal gift】

The light alarm clock lighting can serve as bedside lamps, night lights, atmospheric lights, alarm lights or FM radio. It’s great for a kid’s gift.

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Product information

omitium Wake Up Light Alarm Clock Let you wake up naturally in the morning and warm sleep at night.

The wake up light is inspired by the natural sunrise / sunset and offers an extraordinary combination of light and sound that wakes you up in a more natural way. You will feel cooler and will find it easier to get out of bed. And by gently reducing the light for quick relaxation and sleep.

LED night light childrenSnooze functiongift
LED night light childrenThis light alarm clock as a bedside lamp with which you can feed your baby in the middle of the night. Its light is soft and not dazzling. Ideal for getting up in the middle of the night night light.Snooze functionThis light alarm clock has the snooze function. When the alarm sounds, press the snooze button and you can go back to sleep for 5 minutes, after 5 minutes the alarm will sound gently again.Package included1 x light alarm clock (battery is not included)1 x USB cable1 x EU power supply1 x instruction manual