nicelucky Coffee mug warmer for desk. With heating function. 25 Watt Electric Beverage Warmer. With Adjustable temperature 131℉/ 55℃or 167℉/ 75℃ (Without Mug)

【Warmer Quick】

nicelucky Coffee mug warmer automatic switch with heating and constant temperature function. So it Keeps all your favorite beverages to hot or warm, 3 temperature settings warms reaches to 176℉, Hot plate coffee warmer for desk make the drink taste more delicious.

【Easy to use】

Coffee warmer meeting the full range of modern family needs. Coffee cup warmer also keeps suitable temperature for coffee,milk,water and other beverages all day long! Products are small stylish, great enough satisfy the user’s needs and keeping warms

【Coffe Mug warmer auto shut off】

In addition it warms suitable different sizes of mugs. So you ensure that your cup is flat,Cup heater can be contact with bottom. But not use plastic cups or double vacuum( for flat ceramic,glass, paper, stainless steel cups, baby bottles)

【Safe & Durable】

The induction hot plate Cup heater electric 25W power, beverage mug warmer simple and direct, choose your favorite temperature, energy saving, (This cup warmer with a auto shut off function after working 4 hours. no safety hazards)

【Worry-free purchase】

free replacement for one year. So coffee warmer for desk with auto shut off fashionable . Caring for the family begins with loving his drink, on special days like Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas,Great gift to express your love.

Product Description

Direct Heating 131℉/55℃ to 176℉/80℃:

In addition coffee warmer for desk have two temperature adjustment modes. So You can choose 131℉ or 176℉by pressing the Temperature button. Also Keep it hot plated, Our Mug warmer keep your mug of whatever hot. and make the coffee heated, Cup warmer is a perfect gift.

Ceramic parts Promise

No odour of plastic: Plate cup warmer inside is to use ceramic heat sheet, so metal heat conduction, built-in heating chip, good thermal conductivity, mature technology. In addition fever quickly is stable and reliable, continuous work stable performance is high. Also uniform heating area, energy saving save electricity, temperature control coffee warmer without plastic inside. But won’t send out a pungent odors from the cup hotplate when coffee mug warmer is working.

Temperature Control System:

This mug warmer also can turn hot water into warm water,and heat cold water. So The low-energy constant temperature control system keeps your drink at 131F. Parameter: 110V/120V, 25W,3.15″diameter warming surface, per kilowatt-hour also can be used 24 hours, very economy and environmental.

Beverage warmer with wide temperature , adjustable temperature Choose ,Large cup surface.

Coffee warmer plated does not have a raised rim, which allows using any sized cup, Power off after working continuously for 4 hours.

mug warmerkeep 131add the hotwarmer
keep warm1. Adjustable control temperature the coffee cup warmer for desk is convenient and uses very little energy.131℉/ 55℃2.The low-energy constant temperature control system keeps your drink at just the right temperature.Add hot3. We effectively cut out the middle man by selling directly to you176℉/ 80℃4.product mix — Annular heating ring; Alloy heat transfer cup bottom; power light;

Safe and Reliable:

Coffee warmer for desk use Low power heating body made of silicone.It is safe. It has 25W low power heat focusing, fast heating. It can use about 100 thousand hours. Suitable for tableware: metal, ceramic, enamel, tile, high temperature plastic, glassware etc.

In officeOfficeGift for Christmas
At homeEnjoy your Coffee at any where and any time.In OfficeGood Choice:Coffee mug warmer is a great product that you can use it all the season, just for your enjoyable lifeBest gift for ChristmasCup warmer is a perfect gift for Birthdays, Saint valentine’ s day, Mothers’ s day, Father’ s day, Thanksgiving day, Holiday, Christmas and other special occasions.