HOMECHO multifunctional children’s desk. With chalk board 2 in 1. Children’s board Desk for children. With chair from 3-12 years Screwless installation WHD 54.5 × 60 × 40 cm

Environmentally friendly material:

this Multifunctional Children’s Desk for children has excellent durability. The skin-friendly material is smooth and safe and offers a great experience for kids. At the same time, the reasonable structure and exquisite craftsmanship make it difficult to shake. This is a good partner for children who are spending their time studying or studying.

2 uses for 1 table:

One side of the Multifunctional Children’s Desk can turned over and used as a blackboard. Not only can you be a teacher to help your children learn, but your children can draw and write on the blackboard.

DIY fun:

Our table and chair sets can be assembled without punching, nails or other tools. With clear installation instructions, parents can enjoy the assembly process with their children, just like playing a puzzle. In this way, you can train your child’s practical skills, maintain a harmonious parent-child relationship and encourage children’s creativity.


The height of the table and the chairs has been designed ergonomically (table height: 60 cm, seat height: 26 cm), which means that the children’s spine can be protected by correct sitting posture. All edges of the tables and chairs are rounded, the surface is smooth and without sharp objects, so children can have fun at the table without worrying.

Practical and practical:

can not only be used at home, but is also very suitable for kindergarten. Since the study table is open, there is no problem even if two children use it together. The table with chairs is easy to move, small and delicate and does not take up much space.