Electric insect killer, mosquito killer lamp, rechargeable UV mosquito killer, USB electric insect lamp, mosquito killer lamp, mosquito lamp camping for indoor outdoor bedroom gardens

【2-IN-1 Mosquito Killer & Camping Lamp】

A perfect combination of an outdoor camping lantern and a Mosquito Killer Lamp machine equips UV lamps that can efficiently attract flying insects into the device. It can also be used as an outdoor light for up to 14 hours.

【Environmentally friendly and safety】

The mosquito killer offers a safe and healthy method of killing mosquitoes. Non-toxic, odorless, chemical-free, 100% safe for people and the environment and healthier than conventional methods. The noise reduction technology is very suitable for babies, children, pregnant women, the elderly and pets and can sleep until dawn.

【Lightweight and protective】

In addition these insect killers electrically made of high quality ABS material, resistant to high temperatures, fireproof and environmentally friendly, you can move them at any time. At the same time, structure was added to prevent electric shock in the device. Effectively protect children and pets from electric shock.

【Easy to use and easy to clean】

Just plug in and play, you can charge it by PC, power bank or adapter and other USB devices. Also the Mosquito Killer Lamp has a removable tray that collects dead insects at the bottom of the unit, which can be easily pulled out for quick, safe, and easy cleaning.

【Wide application】

As an excellent insect killer mosquito killer, it can catch mosquitoes, small bugs, flies and other insects, suitable for bedroom, living room, kitchen, office, warehouse, hotel, camping, etc. Protects against annoying and disease-transmitting flies / insects. Cute design could also be a decoration for your home.

Product descriptions

MGRETT Efficient Insect Killer Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp Electric Mosquito Killer For Indoor Outdoor Bedroom Gardens
MGRETT electronic insect killer is absolutely safe and easy to use. Get rid of annoying flying insects such as mosquitoes, moths, etc. in an environmentally friendly, healthy and comfortable way, without the use of pesticides or toxic substances. So with this insect lamp you can safely create a mosquito-free environment. Safe for children and pets.


Product name: Electric insect killer
Material: ABS plastic
housing Voltage: 220-240V
Frequency range: 50/60 Hz
Lamp: 6W UV lamp


1. Do not let children play with the device!
2. Make sure to use the ambient mosquito killer as the only source of light and place it as close as possible to 1.5-3 meters above the ground, at the correct height, this is the best photogenic view of mosquitoes.
3. The mosquito control in the bedroom should be turned on at least 2 hours in advance (to prevent the human body from attracting mosquitoes and affecting the operation of the machine).
4.Never take out the part of the device or adjust internally to avoid electric shock. Scope of


mosquito killer lamp
cleaning brush
user manual