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Submersible water pump

– A switch on the side makes it easier to adjust the flow rate. Mini Water Pump Comes with 3 water outlet nozzles (11,14,17 mm), which allow different water flow effects.

Strong power and high stroke motor with maximum lifting height of 2 m and 25 watts for energy saving. The lifting height is the maximum height to which the water rises after connecting the water pipe to the nozzle.

Ultra-quiet operation

– Ultra-quiet mini submersible pump that runs quietly. The motor inside does not generate noise, providing a quiet environment. 4 strong suction cups fit both vertically and horizontally onto a glass surface.

Removable and cleanable

– Dimensions of the water fountain pump: 57 x 64 x 81 mm. The device does not require any tools to disassemble it, making it very easy to clean. The 1.5m long power cable of the water pump provides convenient installation and use.

Broad application:

-this submersible pump is not only easy to hide or disguise, but also convenient to use. A water pump attracts your fish or turtles very much, as it constantly circulates and aerates the water. Submersible water pump, ideal for medium to large aquariums, aquariums, fountains, ponds, rockeries, water gardens and hydropower plants etc.

Product description

Put the submersible water pump into water, make sure the pump is flooded with water, and connect the power supply.
The standing water will become flowing water in a short time, so that damage caused by burning can be prevented.
The water pump can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water, which can improve the survival rate of underwater life and promote the growth of nitrifying bacteria.
Nitrifying bacteria can continue to remove nitrogen from the water and play an important role in water treatment.

Product description:

Colour: Black.
Material: Plastic.
Dimensions: 57 x 64 x 81 mm.
Net weight: 800 g.
Voltage: 220-240 V at 50-60 Hz.
Length of the power cable: 1.5 m.
Power: 25 W.
Flow rate: max. 1800 l/hr

Package contents:

1.submersible pump 25 W.
2.nozzle (diameter 11 mm).
3.nozzle (diameter 14 mm).
4.nozzle (diameter 17 mm).
5.user guide, (English language not guaranteed).

Tips and solutions:
1. Please put the entire brushless mini water pump body into the water, wait for the water to fill the inlet chamber and drain pipe, and then insert the outlet of the drain pipe outside the aquarium, turn on the engine and the water can be pumped upwards.
2. If the water pump does not work properly, the AC water pump must be cleaned (disassemble for internal cleaning). Some impurities in the fish tank are blocked by a filter.
Please take the propeller and the axle of the pump out to see if there may be any deposits. Make sure the pump is thoroughly cleaned.