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【3S Fast Even Heating】

This space Mini Fan Heater uses quartz tube heating material that can be instantly heated in three seconds, quickly heats the surrounding air and creates a gentle, hot air. Personal heaters can warm all parts of the body and space no matter where you are in a cold office, cooler bedroom, cold camping tent, frozen RV, and even a warming device for your pet in the pet’s nest

【Fast transmission of cool wind in 3 seconds】

With this small electric fan heater, you can transmit natural wind efficiently and quickly and cool your office, bedroom, kitchen or tent. Turn on the room air cooler and feel how warm air is blown into you in 3 seconds to quickly feel and enjoy the warmth. Take yourself warm this winter, highly efficient and energy-saving. It is a good present for everyone!

【15 ° manual oscillation】

The oscillation angle of 15 ° is the most comfortable and optimal angle to meet natural wind and warm air regulations. The warm air can warm you up in the cold winter.

【Safety Protection & Energy Saving】

With the tilt and overheat protection, you can easily use it while the child is playing or when you are sleeping. 200 watt electric heater coolers are more energy efficient and safer to avoid short circuits or burns from other high-performance devices

【Versatility and Satisfaction Guarantee for Portable Devices】

This energy efficient heating and cooling fan is small and light. The specially designed handle on the back allows you to move and carry. The small size is perfect for use under or on the table or in the office in your office or home.

Product information

Right now at the beginning of the cold season the question arises of an energy-saving and effective heating device. You come home and it’s cold. Conventional heaters take a very long time to feel warm.

PINPOXE ceramic fan heater is small, efficient and available everywhere. The operating temperature is reached in seconds and you can feel good.

Overheating protection

  • With PTC ceramic heating elements there is no glaring light and fire. Safe and won’t bother you when you sleep.

Quiet operation

  • Place the heater on a hard surface, not on a soft surface such as a carpet.
  • Because it is possible to accidentally trigger the tip guard