Medical thermometer, IDOIT digital contactless thermometer. adult & baby with LCD display. Forehead thermometer. 3 color screen display. 99 data storage function, fever alarm

【2 in 1 infrared thermometer】

The Medical Thermometer has 2 measuring modes. In addition to measuring the forehead, the temperature of objects and the environment can also be measured, e.g. B. of rooms, baby milk and also water that are suitable for families.

【Contactless thermometer】

Contactless forehead Medical Thermometer is safer and more convenient than traditional mercury thermometers. Also the temperature can be measured without touching the human body.

【Fast and accurate reading】

In addition the digital thermometer for adults and children is equipped with a highly sensitive infrared sensor microprocessor and an LCD display. By measuring within 3 cm to 5 cm of the skin with no skin contact. So you can quickly and accurately read the temperature value in 1 second with an accuracy range of ± 1ºF / 0.5ºC.

【Baby thermometer with memory mode】

IDOIT clinical thermometer can save 99 sets of measured temperature data also. So you can use to track changes in body temperature. But if you do nothing after 15 seconds after the temperature measurement has been completed, the thermometer switches off automatically.

【3 colors backlight】

In addition Medical Thermometer against fever with high temperature alarm that instantly reminds you of abnormal body temperature. Also if the temperature is below 37.5 ° C, the LCD screen will be green. When the temperature is (37.5 ° C ~ 37.9 ° C), the LCD screen will turn orange. If the temperature is above 38 ° C, the LCD screen will be red, bright for 7 seconds and beep 6 times.

Product descriptions


Precise non-contact measurements

User selectable ℃ or ℉

Set the alarm temperature

Automatic saving and saving of data

Automatic selection range and display resolution 0.1 ℃ (0.1 ℉)

3 colors backlight

2 Measurement mode: face and surface mode

Temperature measurement mode:

The infrared thermometer has the following measuring mode:

1) Forehead Medical Thermometer measurement mode – accurately measure the skin surface of human forehead temperature, replace the traditional mercury thermometer and electric thermometer.

2) Measurement mode for object temperature – you can measure the surface temperature of the object, e.g. B. Ambient, bath water and milk temperature etc.

Operation manual:

1) Check sensor

If there is dirt and spray, please clean them. (For the cleaning method, see Chapter 8, Care and Cleaning, for details.)

Also if the lens of the sensor is damaged, please stop using it.

2) Check thermometer

When you press the [Power / Scan] button, the system tests the software and hardware itself. If there are problems, the LCD shows the “Err” symbol. Check whether the sensor laser is dirty and damaged.

3) For an accurate measurement result, place the thermometer in the measurement environment for 30 minutes.

4) The accuracy of unexpected fluctuations in ambient temperature may affect the measurement results.

5) When you want to measure the forehead Medical Thermometer, clean the forehead, and arrange the hair, please make sure the forehead is bare and clean to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.