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Healthy Sleep Habits Start Early

– Our Little Teddi children’s trainer clock uses fun facial expression and soft colors to teach your kiddo when it is time to sleep and when it is Okay to wake up (or “almost wake” with the option of enabling “play” mode before wake). Parenthood just got easier!

Still an Kids Alarm Clock

– On top of the wake light, standard alarm function comes handy when needed; snooze allows 9 mins of extra slumber. Separate button for nap timer – easy setting and re-setting can be invaluable when dealing with rebellious 3-year old.

Battery Backup and Child Clock Lock

– The kid alarm clocks build-in CR2032 battery preserves memory settings. The child lock mode help to prevents curious children from accidentally change the clock setting.

Sound Machine with Night Lights

– This Little Teddi children’s trainer clock also features 4 sleep sounds (music box, lullaby, ocean wave, white noise) and 5 night light options (loop, red, blue, purple, yellow) to create a more soothing atmosphere for sleep. Face expression and the LCD display are almost fully dimmable at night.

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Perfect Gift Idea Alarm Clock for Kids

– Durable design and cute looking make it a sweet addition to any kid’s room. This is one gift for kids that you are going to appreciate just as much as they do. If you have any questions or comments with our sleep training clock, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we are always here to help.

Product Description

alarm clock for kids


Sleep-training a toddler is a Sisyphean task. Just when you start to see dawn break (or thankfully, not break) over the promised land of a good night’s sleep for you and your baby, the kid reverts back to waking up at all hours. It’s why every parent benefits from a kids’ alarm clock — or an OK to wake clock.


LITTLE TEDDI offer a gently reassuring nightlight that keeps toddlers in bed so they fall asleep faster, and then helps them to stay in bed the next morning until a reasonable hour.


alarm clock for kidsalarm clock for kidsalarm clock for kids
SLEEPLITTLE TEDDI’s sleep time is set to 8:30 PM.When it is time to sleep, LITTLE TEDDI will close its eyes so your child will go to bed.PLAYLITTLE TEDDI’s play period is set 10 minutes, the PALE GREEN light will lights up at 6:50 AM.LITTLE TEDDI will glow PALE GREEN, so that your child will wake/play quietly in his or her room until the light turns GREEN.NOTE: You can also turn off PLAY setting.WAKELITTLE TEDDI’s wake time is set to 7:00AM .When it is time to wake, LITTLE TEDDI will greet your child with a smile and the light ring will turn GREEN – green means go!


Face expression and the LCD display are fully dimmable at night.

The brightness of digits can be set to any level from bright to very dim (or even completely off) by press +|- at the bottom of the alarm clock , have it bright in the day then dim them down at night. You will never worry too bright at night.