Lifebee LED USB Bicycle Light Set, StVZO Approved, Rechargeable, Waterproof, Front Battery


The Lifebee LED USB Bicycle Light set is CE and RoHS certified and approved by StVZO. The light bulb contains the mark “K 1656” and “K 1647”. It is strictly designed to German transport standards and complies with German road traffic law. With glare-free optics, the bicycle light prevents blinding on-coming pedestrians or cars and offers you enough safety.

Battery indicator/parking light design:

If the battery level of the bike light is less than 20%, the “On/Off” button lights up red. The design of the side window with yellow light increases visibility and safety while riding.

Easy to install and remove:

Bicycle light set can installed and removed without tools. The front light offers a stand. Simply fit the front light into the stand and it can mounted by tightening the screws as needed. The rear light offers a special rubber band that can combined with the rear light to place it around the bicycle seat tube and hang it up, easy to install and remove.

Two types of illumination strength:

The Lifebee Bike Light has high / medium light intensity modes that can switched between with the “on/off” button to meet the light intensity needs of different occasions.

High brightness remote light:

The Lifebee bicycle light set is powered by a Samsung Li-ion battery. It runs for up to 6.5 hours and has a lighting range of up to 200 metres. The powerful output expands the field of vision of the bicycle light.

Product Description

Bicycle lights.
USB rear light.

360° protection coarse capacity of the lithium battery easy to install.

Battery: premium Li-ion battery.

Battery Capacity: 200mAh

Run Time: 4h


Material: PMMA ABS

Weight: 40 g

Tension: 3.7 V

Size: 42.8 x 40.3 x 46.9 mm.

Adjustable holder size

The holder is designed in 3 steps and suitable for handlebars 22-32 mm.

You can push the mount up and down according to the size of your bike handlebar.

In addition, 2 thick rubber are included in the accessories. You can add rubber according to the size of the bike mount.

The front light handlebar (plus rubber) is suitable for the bicycle handlebars with size 18-28 mm.