Ceiling lamp dimmable with remote control, BIGHOUSE 18W 1600lm LED ceiling lamp 2700K-6500K, replacement for 100W halogen lamps, IP44 waterproof for bathroom, living room, balcony, hallway kitchen, Ø30cm [energy class A +]

Stepless dimming and color temperature setting 

The LED ceiling lamp can be adjusted from 15% to 100% and the 8 color temperature can be changed from 2700K to 6500K as desired. The multifunctional light effect can meet the various requirements.

Synchronization and night light mode 

The synchronization is ideal for several ceiling lights that can be used together. The brightness and color mode of all ceiling lights can be kept consistent with a remote control. When watching TV or chatting at night, you can start the night mode so that you can protect your eyes when you get up at midnight.

Memory function and AND 30s timer 

The ceiling light remembers the color and brightness when switched off. This means that you no longer need to adjust the settings every time you switch on. The timer function of the ceiling light enables it to switch off automatically after 30 seconds.

Save energy 

No more light bulb changes and expensive electricity bills. BIGHOUSE 18W round flush ceiling lights are as bright as 100 W halogen lamps and use only 10% energy. However, they offer a light output of 1600 lumens with a service life of 25,000 hours.

IP44 water resistance 

Sealed design aims to protect the pearls in damp and dusty rooms. IP44 waterproof and splash-proof from all directions. The BIGHOUSE ceiling light is suitable for living room, bedroom, kitchen, living room, utility room, porch, garage, hallway, etc.

Product descriptions

BIGHOUSE LED ceiling light, CCT dimmable – better lighting, better life


Material: plastic Nominal power consumption: 18W
Nominal luminous flux: 1800 lm
Comparative value: 100W halogen lamps
Input voltage: AC 220-240V Switching
cycle:> 15,000
Energy efficiency class: A +
Color temperature: CCT dimmable (2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K, 5500K, 6500K) Color
rendering value (CRI):> 80
Nominal service life:> 25,000h
Dimmable: Yes


method : 1. Check the luminaire. Check that the LED ceiling light is in good condition and that the installation parts are complete.
2. Pre-installation. Disconnect the power supply for safety reasons. Check the hole position and drill three holes.
3. Fix the bracket. Feed the wires through holes and attach the mounting bracket to the ceiling.
4. Connect the cable. Insert the wires into the electrical connections N, Earth and L as appropriate.
5. Install the lampshade. Install the Ceiing Light lampshade on the holder.
6. Turn on the light. Turn on the LED ceiling light and enjoy the excellent light effect.

If you have any of the following issues please contact us for a 24 month replacement or refund:

1.If the ceiling light arrives damaged by long-term and long-distance delivery;
2. Installation parts are missing;
3. The ceiling light cannot work.


1 * LED ceiling light
1 * Remote control
3 * Expansion screws
3 * Insulated tube
1 * User manual