Lzonunl Blow Torch Refillable Kitchen Burner with Safety Lock. Adjustable Flame Butane Gas Burner for BBQ. Creme Brulee, DIY, Grill, Desserts, Cooking. Baking (Butane Not Included)

Safe and durable:

kitchen burner made with durable aluminium alloy body for durable use. Safety lock also prevents accidental ignition and a wide base plate prevents it from falling over. The long angled nozzle and the flameless finger guard, So keep your hand safely away from the flame.

Refillable and adjustable kitchen burner:

In addition this butane gas burner can refilled after expiration. Fill the culinary torch with butane gas (butane gas is not included). With adjustable flame, the temperature can reach up to 1300 °C / 2500 °F to meet different requirements.

Easy to use and portable:

simply slide the security lock to the left and then press the ignition. So the torch lights up. Slide the safety lock at the same time. The flame continues to burn without holding down the button. This butane torch is small and light enough. Effortless one-handed operation.


In addition Butane gas burner can be used in a variety of ways to caramelize food, soldering, cooking, grilling, baking, baking, cream, soldering, camping and crafts, melting cheese, roasting peppers and flaming cocktails. Perfect for grilling steaks, icing ribs, roasting sushi and delicious salmon. The best partner for barbecuing and camping.


We are a professional manufacturer of butane burners. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your kitchen burner then you can return it without giving reasons and get the full price refunded.

Customer Review

The small flame burner is a cost-effective aid for your own household for caramelising, tanning, gratinating, crusting or skinning. The handling is completely uncomplicated and it works by simply filling with commercially available lighter gas. The burner delivered unfilled, very important, you have to add the gas extra. With the low purchase costs, the burner is a real economy flame and gets a thumb
high from us.