Foraer USB Stick 64GB Memory Stick for iPhone / iPad / PC / Android Password / Touch ID Portable USB Stick Storage Expansion Cell Phone 3-in-1 Thumb Drive 3.0 (64GB)

【3-in-1 flash drive】

This Foraer USB flash drive consists of a USB connector, a micro USB connector and a Lightning connector and provides access to various devices, such as: B. for iPhone5 / 5c / 5s / 6 / 6p / 6s / 6sp / 7 / 7p / 8 / 8p / X, for iPad, for iPad Air, for iPad Pro, for iPad Mini, for iPod touch5 / touch6, Android Phone with OTG function, support for Windows 7/8/10 computer operating systems.

【One click data backup】

Our Foraer USB flash drive allows you to back up your photos, contacts and other files with one click through the free app. 64 GB is enough to store selfie photos from gimbal and vlogging, office files and gaming screenshots.

【Access security】

There is a password when using our USB stick to ensure data security. Enable the Touch ID and Password option to secure the entire storage, or lock selected files with a password for privacy.

【High-speed file transfer】

With our 64 GB USB memory stick, you can enjoy USB 3.0 transfers with a read and write speed of up to 80 MB / s and a write speed of 35 MB / s. This flash drive enables faster file transfer than that of usb2.0 and usb1.1.

【Share to Social Media】

This USB stick for gimbal allows you to save your quality photos. With portable design, you can share files / photos to social media anytime.

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Product description

Capacity: 64gb

※ For iOS devices: You must download the free “Coodisk” app from the App Store before you can use the flash drive.
※ For Android Phones: If your phone is not working, you need to set the application in your phone settings, find the other settings, open the OTG connection and then it can work.

Product Highlights:
1. The 3-in-1 interface eliminates the need for iCloud, iTunes and USB cables.
2. Up to 35 MB / s read and 15 MB / s write speed for iOS / Android devices.
3. Up to 80 MB / s read and 35 MB / s write speed for PC.
4. User-friendly free app, take photos / videos directly, backup and manage files easily, share files for social media.
5. Encryption technology gives you more security when handling passwords or fingerprints.
6. Stream videos / music / document files directly from flash drive and save space and time.

Compatibility with most devices
Compatible with iPhone 5c / 5s / 6 / 6p / 6s / 6sp / 7 / 7p / 8 / 8p / X, iPad 4/5 / mini 2 / mini 3 / mini 4 / Air / Pro, iPod touch 5 / touch 6, Windows 7 / 8/10 operating system, Android phone with OTG function