Kecow laptop stand. Laptop holder 5 heights adjustable in height Wear-resistant and non-slip Suitable for all tablets and mobile phones

【3D surface design】

Kecow Laptop Stand has 3D surface design and arch corner that can prevent your laptop from being scratched. The tripod design of our laptop riser makes typing more stable. From the point of view of protecting the computer, our product provides users with a better user experience.

【Widely Compatible】

The 10 “x 10” design fits most tablets and laptops. You can adjust the height to suit different strengths. Strong aluminum alloy material and silicone pad can hold a heavy laptop. So don’t worry about your laptop’s security.

【Design for the correct sitting position】

Kecow laptop stand with ergonomic design, supports height and angle adjustment (five different gears). By setting the laptop to a more scientific height and sitting down more scientifically, you can effectively relieve vision fatigue, neck and back pain, and even relieve your head forward.

【Heat Dissipation】

This PC holder has a hollow design. When you place your laptop on our stand, your computer base is actually in the air, but not near the desk. It’s easier for your laptop to dissipate heat and work longer. Meanwhile, the hollow design can remove dust and extend the life of the laptop.

【Lightweight aluminum alloy material】

Our laptop stand is made of aluminum alloy, which means it is very light and easy to take with you even when traveling. The aluminum alloy material is also strong and sturdy, and not easy to break. Meanwhile, there are some silicone pads on the surface , This silicone pad can prevent computer wear and paint.