Jteng Bicycle Chain Cleaner. Scrubber, Brush, Tool Set with Sprocket Brush, for all Types of Bicycle Chain Cleaning, Blue

Jteng Bicycle Chain Cleaner Suitable for all types of bike chains including multi-speed as well as one-speed chains. Effective for cleaning a chain on a road bike / mountain bike / folding bike and so on.

Easy to use

the chain does not need to be removed from the bike. Simply open the cover of the bicycle chain cleaner, place it on the chain, close the cover, hold the chain cleaner handle and press the pedal to start cleaning. Comfortable and efficient.

3D brush design

The bicycle chain cleaner with 6 cleaning rollers and hundreds of bristles cleans your chains in multi-angle and removes stubborn mud and dirt deposits on your bicycle chain. Made from environmentally friendly acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) material.

Saves time

Quick and clean chain cleaning (free-wheel gears and chain rings) in minutes. Regular cleaning of the bicycle chain can keep your bicycle functioning well and provide you with a smooth, safe and comfortable ride.

Please note:

Don’t forget! Use a dry cloth, wipe the chain and drop oil on the chain so that your bicycle chain does not rust.

Product Description

Bicycle Chain Cleaner, Chain Cleaner, Cleaning Scrubber Brush Tool Set with Sprocket Brush, 2 Pieces Lever Tyre Poles Quick Clean Tool for All Types of Bicycle Chain Cleaning

A device to conveniently clean the chain – time-saving.

The chain can really be cleaned with the device within two minutes.

Box contents:

chain cleaning device.

sprocket brush.

sprocket scratches.

Pack of 2 lever tyre rods.

Why you need bicycle chain cleaner: After long use but without cleaning, dirty power transmission poorly, worn prematurely. The your bike function will be influenced, in addition, keep your bike chain away from dirt that you feel comfortable. This is why the regular cleaning chain is very important.

► Easy to handle and stay clean – just run it right and then left and then your bicycle chain would simply be cleaned. You do not need to touch the chain with your hands in the process. Let your hands and chains simply stay clean!

Effective: 3D brush design, internal rigid hundreds of bristles rotate brush to clean the different chains, combined with a large reservoir and a two-stage cleaning process to pull metal particles out of the chain, make the chain in the most relaxed state, high performance.

► With the brush and hook, the sprocket and the gap between the sprockets can also be cleaned.