Ion hair dryer, SH.RATE hair dryer professional hair dryer Hair dryer with diffuser for straightening, curls & waves (three temperature and wind speeds) for family salons hairdressers.

【Super strong airflow and extreme noise reduction】:

The motor of this hair dryer is 20,000 rpm, the air volume is 3.2 m³ / min, the air volume is up to 27.3 m / s, the noise is only 80 dB, ion technology combined with far infrared -Warming releases 20 million moisturizing negative ions.

【Say goodbye to the hassle of removing the rear filter for cleaning】:

The hair dryer has 18 dust-free centrifugal fan blades. With innovative dust-free fan blades, no dust accumulates for a lifetime, so there are no cleaning problems

【3 different styling accessories】:

Our hair dryer comes with a diffuser, a smooth nozzle and a styling nozzle. The diffuser nozzle can make the curls more visible, the straightening nozzle is used to straighten the hair while drying the hair, the styling nozzle can create any hairstyle you need for your different hair care needs!

【Three types of temperature control and one-button switch for hot and cold air】:

This professional hair dryer is equipped with 3 wind speeds, natural wind, hot air level 1 and hot air level 2. With an independent cold / hot button (long press to toggle cold air) you can dry your hair with hot air and then long press the cold / hot switch to switch to cold air and style your hair.

【Perfect combination of high technology and safety】:

The intelligent heat control technology measures the air temperature every second to prevent extremely high heat from damaging the hair. Two stream / fuse configuration, two-layer explosion-proof case. Low electromagnetic wave design technology and almost no radiation at the air outlet. It is more suitable for sensitive people such as children and pregnant women.

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Product description

☟Product description
☆ Instructions for use:
✔1. Connect the power and turn on the switch on the handle.
✔2. Adjust the pinwheel according to actual use: the gentle warm air can moisturize the hair and prevent the hair from drying out. two. Strong wind dries hair quickly
✔3. Hold the blow dryer, keep it about 2 inches away from the hair, and move it back and forth at a constant speed.
✔4. When you want to dry your hair, use cold wind to protect your hair while keeping it dry.

☟Product parameters:
☆ Product model 1902
✔ 1st parameter value unit: 20 million negative ions
✔83.4 dB at maximum air volume
✔Cold air transmission temperature (approx.) 35 ℃
✔Temperature of first gear (approx.) 47 ° C.
✔Temperature of second gear (approx.) 65 ° C.
✔ Voltage : 220 V.

☟Safety warning:
✔ 1. Do not get this product wet. Also, remember not to use this product with wet hands.
✔2. Turn off the device when you are not using the product.
✔3. Regularly clean the product and keep it clean. “”

☟Environmental protection
♥ When disposing of the product, do not dispose of it with household waste, as this is harmful to the environment and human health. In order to protect our planet, please strictly adhere to the local “Garbage Recycling and Environmental Protection Act” and put it in a special garbage collection box or recycling box. If you don’t know how to deal with this, please contact the Community Manager or the relevant government department.