Intelligent Neck Massager. Neck Massager. Electric Pulse Neck Massager. Smart Massager. Electric Magnetic Pulse Neck Massage with Heating Function. Suitable for Home

【Comfortable Design】

The Intelligent Neck Massager is designed to be a “U” machine. According to the design of human body technology, aesthetic science and neck curve. This type of design also brings the massager closer to the neck to achieve a better massage.

【Multiple Massage Mode】

The electric neck massager has 6 pulse modes and 15 intensity settings. So you can choose the most suitable mode to reduce muscle pain or body tension. It is pre-set to 15 minutes automatic shutdown.

Smart neck massager:

innovative electronic neck massage, which is different from conventional massagers. Helps relieve neck pain, shoulder fatigue, body tension, improved sleep quality and promote blood circulation.


In addition this massager uses low frequency pulse therapy. When you use it for the first time, you can feel an electric shock, which is normal. Different people have different feelings. Please read the instruction manual carefully before using it. Tip: The implantation of pacemakers or the wearing of metal in the body is prohibited. Note: Make sure you put your neck with a damp towel before use.

【Portable and Fashion Design】

With the unique headphone style. This wireless neck massager also fits any neck size. It is portable and lightweight, ideal for use in home, office and car.

Product Description

Mroobest Intelligent Neck Massager Use it anywhere and anytime to treat your neck problems.

The Mroobest Smart Neck Massager helps with neck stiffness, shoulder fatigue and body tension. In addition, it can help promote blood circulation and improve sleep quality. It has a wide range of applications, also suitable for teenagers, adults and the elderly. Due to its light weight and portability, it is easy to carry and operate.

6 massage modes: The Mroobest Intelligent Neck Massager has 6 massage modes that allow for a variety of massage experiences: Cupping, scraping, beating, acupuncture, massage and relaxation. If used twice a day for 15 minutes, it can effectively promote blood circulation and relieve neck stiffness.

15 intensity settings: We have 10 intensity settings for you to choose from. 1-5 level, is slight vibration. 6-10 level, vibration is medium intensity. 11-15 level, is maximum, mild stimulation. You can choose the appropriate intensity level to enjoy a pleasant massage.

3 heating temperatures: The Mroobest Intelligent Neck Massager provides you with a constant heat temperature. Multiple massage modes, combined with 3 types of hot compresses of different temperature to make the massage more comfortable and effective.

People should pay attention to disarming:

1. Pregnant women, birthable women and menstruating women.

2. Patients with metal implants

3. Prohibited heart disease patients and close to the heart

4. Patients with malignant tumor and acute suppurative inflammation

Features & Operating Method:


Universal traction, electric pulse massage and magnetic effect, suitable for the spondylosis of the cervix.

2.107 ° F. Use: The advanced sensor integrated into the neck massager can precisely control the temperature range to avoid excessive heat.

3. The massager adopted U-shape is cervical in accordance with the streamline and the ring-like design of the human neck. In addition, the neck strap can be adjusted to 170°, you can adjust it freely. Flexible wing design for different neck sizes.

4. It also helps to stimulate blood circulation, relax the regional muscles to eliminate inflammation, swelling and signs of fatigue. Relax at any time and anywhere.

Operating method:

1. Especially for the first user, the use with the gel plaster can offer you a more pleasant experience.

2. First moisten the skin of the cervical spine before use. Dry skin may affect the effectiveness of the product.

3. Try to find the right strength and mode for yourself from the lowest level.

4. It turns off automatically after 15 minutes. It is recommended not to use it for more than 30 minutes per day.