LEWONPO Ice Scraper Car. Ice Scraper Car Ice Broom Snow Brush. 2 in 1 Removable Snow Brush and Whisk. Ice Scraper Snow Shovels for Cars Truck SUV Windshield


Ice Scraper Car combined with sponge brush and ABS ice scraper together. With ABS ice scraper you can shovel ice easily, and with the sponge brush you can shovel snow easily. It is an indispensable tool in winter.


Our whisk head is made of 4-layer high-density rubber sponge with remarkable low temperature and snow removal effects that can remove snow from windows or cars without damaging the car paint. The tip of the sponge can remove the snow in the blind spot.


More hard than normal snow shovels. The ice scraper is made of high quality ABS material and can be used to remove ice. The 6 hard toothed ridges on the back of the ice scraper can be used to break or shatter large ice that is difficult to remove.


The body of the ice scraper is made of durable aluminum alloy material and fits comfortably in your hand. The snow shovel has a split design and is easy to disassemble, it can be stored in a storage bag when not in use, and it is easy to carry and recycle.


Size: 64×12.5 x11.5cm. This snow shovel can be used to easily remove the thick snow or ice on the vehicle windshield. Snow shovel can also clean electric cars, bicycles, and snow covered by snow-covered houses, glass doors, and windows.

Product description

LEWONPO ice scraper car – professional ice scraper with sponge

brush helps you better with snow clearing This 2-in-1 winter tool from LEWONPO not only helps you to save time,
but also allows you to easily remove snow, ice or frost from car windows.

Combination of shovel and chisel

– 2 in 1 ice scraper / ice scraper whisk for the car, effective removal of snow tools.
– The broom can quickly and easily remove snow and ice from the whole car.

Strong edge

– 4-layer high-density rubber sponge has better effect of clearing snow made with nylon whisk brush.
– If necessary, the rough spikes break even the hardest ice in a matter of seconds!

Easy to carry and store

– with this ice scraper you can scratch ice and sweep snow in a relaxed manner and with little effort!
– The car snow scraper and brush is detachable design with storage bag, making it convenient to store.
Hardly any space occupied. You can put it in the back seat or in the trunk for use anytime, anywhere.

Widely Application

– The snow scraper and brush can also be used to sweep electric cars, bicycles, and homes
covered with heavy snow, glass doors and windows.


Product Name: Car Ice Scraper
Material: ABS + EVA + Aluminum Alloy
Length: 64cm
Size: 64 x 12.5 x 11.5cm
Weight: 280g
Packing: non-woven storage bag Usage: deicing,
shoveling snow, scratching frost

Package Includes:

1 x ice scraper