Mini Hidden Spy Camera Pen with HD 1080P Video Recorder,Spy Gear Body Camera Portable Pocket Camera with 32GB SD Card, for Business Conference and Security,Support 128GB(not Included)

About this item

Multi-functional :

Hidden Video Camera Pen, “HD Camera” function for privacy protection “smoothly instant writing” function with a “portable & removable ”storage disk. It’s an excellent tool for business, conferences, meetings, evidence-collection, and lectures, etc.

Professional team designed :

The Unique Spy Camera Pen has a mini pen body that is easily portable and enhances personal privacy protection. At the same time, “One Click” ON/OFF can quickly capture 1080p Color HD Videos at 30 FPS. During the state of “Standby”, it can take 4032*3024-pixels photos and automatically save the video file into a 32GB memory card

Writable Pen Use:

Along with its use as a hidden spy camera this pen can be used for taking notes, jotting down schedules, or remember important information.

HD 1080P 1920*1080 Video Resolution:

This hidden camera pen records 1080p crystal clear videos ensure you perfectly catching every wonderful moment,the built-in Lithium battery provides the long enough recording time(150minute).The mini body camera also support recording while charging and loop recording function.

Hidden camera pen package included:

The hidden camera pen*1, card reader*1, 5 * ink fills, use manual*1 data/charging cable*1, to the highest manufacturing standards with a free 32GB internal memory included. It’s a wonderful Spy Gear for Business and Conference. these are just current Cost-efficient price.

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Product description


Please charge the battery before you use the camera for the first time:

1. Connecting to USB DV 5V charger, or to the computer via USB.

2. The indicator lights would be when charging, and turn to red and blue when charging is completed ( take about 2 hours for full charging ) 


1. If the battery is low, DV red and blue lights flash for 3 seconds, and the recorder goes off and is in protected mode, files recorded have been saved; please recharge the recorder at this time.

2. If the recorder is on but there is no card, the red and blue lights give flashes for 4seconds at the same time and the recorder automatically goes off

USB cable:

1: can be connected to the computer for recorder recharging and data transmission.

2: can be connected to external USB DV 5V for recording while charging.

1080P video without flashing: 

Press the top function button until the blue indicator tums on, the pen will start recording after the blue light flash 3times. The light would be off when the recording is going on.

Press the function button 1 more time, recording ends, the blue light would be back again(stand by ).

Take Photo: 

When the pen is in standby mode( light is solid blue ), click the button twice, the light would flash once, a photo of 12 million pixels (4032*3024) would be taken. and the light would return to solid blue 


In the mode of the stop, if we need to turn it off, long-press ON/OFF for 6 seconds to see both red and blue lights are off, this means the device is off; Also the recorder would turn off automatically when in standby mode(light is solid blue) for 30 seconds and no operation happens.

What do You get? 

(1) Spy Camera Pen x1

(2) 32GB SD card x1

(3) USB reader x1 

(4) USB data cable x1 

(5) 5 * ink fills