Aiooy Hand Grip, Finger Exerciser, Hand Trainer Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener with Stainless Steel, 5 Pack Finger Force Strengthener for Athletes and Musicians

Counting Grip Strengthener

– The newest grip strengthener trainer adds a mechanical counter display to the bottom, can clearly record the number of times from 0-99 while doing hand strength, record the number of times you exercise each time.

Adjustable Hand Strengtheners

– Grip strengthener resistance can be easily adjusted from 10 to 60kg. Also Hand strengthener provide more diversity to your grip exerciser and perfect for men and women of different strengths.

Best Exercise Tool

– In addition The hand grips strengthener is ideal for improving strength, power and speed in the wrists, fingers and forearms. Daily hand workouts with this hand exerciser also help recover in hand injury.

Easy to Use and Carry

– Also We have included a storage bag in the package for easy carrying and storage. In addition Grip set are small and stylish, you can use it on foot, travel, office or any place you want to exercise. Also it is a perfect gift for your friends and family.

5 Pack Hand Grip Strengthener

– This 5 pack grip strengthener includes an adjustable resistance hand gripper, finger exerciser, finger resistance band, hand grip ring and stress relief ball to help strengthen and exercise your hands. Are ideal for who looking for integrated hand and finger exercisers.

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Product description

Why Choose Aiooy Hand Grip Strengthener?

Our Hand Grip Strengthener will help you improve finger strength and dexterity, ideal for athletes, musicians or any other who want to improve his hand strength.

Our strengthener adds a counter to the bottom. Press the button firmly to count automatically. Record the number of times you exercise each time and re-use it.

Comfortable and durable handle and high-quality stainless steel spring which can help the hand grip exercises be adjustable from 10 to 60 kg.

Product Features:

Perfect for everyone, five different hand strengthener workout kits add more diversity to your forearm exerciser

Up to 60lb handgrip resistance ring to strengthen the users’ handgrip strength

Finger exerciser which isolates each finger to strengthen individually, which prevents stronger fingers from helping weaker ones

Stress relief grip ball to release bad mood, daily stress

What will you get:

Forearm Finger Exerciser

Adjustable Hand Gripper

Finger Stretcher

Exercise Ring

Grip Ball

Storage Pouch