GaFlid Nerf Tactical Vest Kit. 2 Kids Tactical Vest Jacket for N-Strike. Nerf Accessories with 80 Darts Refill Pack. 4 Clip for 12 Darts 2 Bracelets for 8 Darts 2 Face Mask and 2 Nerf Glasses

Maximise your firepower

– This GaFlid Nerf Tactical Vest Kit fully-equipped Nerf kit includes 2 tactical vests, 80 soft darts, 2 face masks and 2 Nerf protective goggles. Each team has 1-piece 12-dart quick-release clips and 2-piece 8-dart wristbands, so you can stay armed even while on the move.

Double thickness fabric material

– The GaFlid Nerf Tactical Vest Kit is made of thicker fabric material and is reusable. It can be easily cleaned. Unique design of HP (Hit Points) records on tactical vests. With adjustable straps, children and adults can adjust them according to their size.

Offers more safety during the combat game

– Foam darts, balls made of soft sponge, plastic materials and hollow soft round head to help buffer the force of the impact, seamless face mask and protective goggles, will also protect you from surprise attack.

Better compatibility

– comfortable and adjustable vest in size 21.2 inches x 18.5 inches (53.8 x 47 cm). Both the tactical vest and the wrist strap are equipped with an adjustable Velcro fastener for all teenagers and children.

Ultra Cool

– With the vest, goggles and face mask, you look more like a warrior in battle. And you can design the shape of your face mask for different roles. Create an amazing frightening visual impact for your rival. Includes everything you need to store extra ammo and firepower.

Product description

Who is the winner?
2 sets of tactical vest kits, compatible with the Nerf Guns N-Strike Elite series.
This set contains almost everything needed in the combat game.
Two children could have a confrontation and decide who the winner is.

Not only for boys!
These tactical vests are suitable not only for boys, but also for girls who like combat games.

Ideal gift choice for your children – Nerf Guns N-Strike Elite series. The Nerf Gun battle has commenced, so maximise your firepower now!

Package contents:

One pair of tactical vests: Size 52 x 43.5 cm, suitable for children and teenagers;
One pair of flexible protective goggles: blue/white, 22 g;
One breathable face mask for a pair; Black/red seamless skull face;
Pack of 80 soft darts: 2 colours, blue/orange, 40 of each colour. Size: 7.2 x 1.3 cm;
Four wrist straps: Adjustable strip, can also hold darts. Size: 9 cm x 4.8 cm;
Two 12-dart quick reload clips.

Tactical vest kit:

Gives extra firepower.
The size of the vest can be adjusted by a Velcro closure around the vest. Soft balls with fast reloading of clips – more convenient for you in battle.
Fashionable face tube mask with skull face image – looks more cool.