Fuyit LCD Soldering Iron Kit 15pcs Welding Tool Set with Thermostatic Digital-Controlled Pen 60W 220V Adjustable Temperature 180°C- 480°C with Lead Free Solder Wire 100g

LCD Screen:

Newest soldering iron pen is more intuitive display of temperature. Setting the temperature according to different melting points.

Adjustable Temperature:

180°C- 480°C adjustable temperature. Also You can adjust 5°C per time to get a precise temperature you wanted.

Efficient & Comfortable:

High quality ceramic heating core complete heating in 36s. At the same time ergonomically designed and with 6 ventilation holes, will not feel tired or burn for long using.

Complete Accessories:

LCD soldering iron pen, in addition extra 5 soldering iron tips, lead free solder wire 100g, desoldering pum, desoldering wire 1.5m, soldering stand with cleaning sponge, curved tweezer, wire stripper cutter, electronic wire, also carrying case.

Widely Application:

Suitable for welding enthusiasts or starter level. You can repair electronic product.Such as computer, phone, TV, or other small appliances. Fuyit soldering iron kit is also a nice gift choice to DIY enthusiasts.

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Product Description

Fuyit LCD Soldering Iron Kit 15PCS

Why Choose Fuyit Welding Kit?

  1. Upgraded LCD Digital-Controlled pen provide precision temperature adjustment.
  2. Premium and complete accessories include lead-free solder wire, desoldering wire and so on.
  3. Increased air vents and thickened heat-proof rubber sleeves provide more protection.
  4. Also tools Carrying Case included. Easy to carry and work in any place.
  5. Replaceable heating core can extend product life.

Fuyit Newest Soldering iron Kit with Digital-Controlled LCD Screen has precision temperature adjustment. Suitable for starter, professional and any level solder enthusiasts.


  1. Long press the red “*” button for 3~5 seconds to turn on/off the pen also.
  2. Adjust temperature by pressing “+” or “-” button. The temperature increase or decrease 5°C/41°F per press. After setting, temperature will be saved.
  3. Temperature on the LCD screen will stop flicker after reaching the setting temperature. At that time, the pen will be in temperature constant state. And the “°F” (°C) marker will keep flickering .
  4. After required temperature showing up in LCD screen, please wait for a little while for heating up pen’s tip. Then go on with your welding projects.
  5. Press temperature adjustment button “+” and “-” at same time after activated the pen, the degree showing on LCD screen can be switched from celsius to fahrenheit or fahrenheit to celsius.

We add more protection designs. Except 4 ventilation holes on protective stainless steel pipe, there are also add 6 ventilation holes on threaded head. Rubber sleeve has anti-slip & heat-proof design. The heating core and the pen body are also hollow. Will not burn for long time work.

Warning & Attention

-Do Not touch metal parts of the pen’s tip, or you’ll get burnt.

-Do Not use near flammable materials to avoid fire.

-Turn Off the power and cool the pen down before replacing its tip.

-Keep soldering iron pen dry. Do Not use electric soldering iron with wet hand.

-Turn off the power while resting or finishing work. Keep it beyond the reach of children.

Keep it away from children during operation it to prevent accidents.

It is a normal phenomenon that smoke comes out when you are using this product, especially for the first use, please do not worry.

All Includes:LCD soldering iron pen, 5 solder tips, lead free solder wire, desoldering pump, desoldering wire, soldering stand, curved tweezer, wire stripper cutter, electronic wire, carrying case.

replacement tipslead-free soldering wiredesoldering wire
Extra 5 Sizes Soldering Iron TipsLead-free Soldering Wire 100g2 Electronic Wires and Desoldering Wire 1.5m
desoldering pumpwire stripper cutterCase
Desoldering PumpWire Stripper CutterCarrying Case