Newdora Food Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Food Container

The size of the Food Container is 15CM * 9CM * 9CM, the weight is 510g, the capacity is 500ml.

Double-walled, vacuum-insulated food tin made of steel, 100% BPA-free polypropylene lid and stainless steel spoon with a high-quality design.

The final performance of the stainless steel Food Container is insensitive to impact. The lid can serve as a bowl for your food and includes a folding spoon for your convenience.

Thermos technology made of stainless steel, double-walled, can stay warm or cold for 6-12 hours.

500 ML capacity for hot meals, soups, oat flakes, cold desserts, meals, liquid beverages and more pleasant and convenient eating and drinking.

Product Description


Capacity: 0.5 l

Height: 16.5 cm

Diameter: 14 cm

Weight: 457 g

Material: body: stainless steel

Lid: stainless steel, polypropylene

Packaging: silicone

You save a long time with hot water or cold drinks by using an excellent heat storage capacity. From hot miso soup to soup, stew, curry to cold fruits.

The internal capacity of 500 ml is larger than other soup glasses. Plenty of delicious food is served in the morning, and you can have hot meals at lunchtime at work or at school.

Since it has a folding spoon, it is very convenient to carry it with this bottle alone.

With a wide-necked design, easy-to-set soup and lots of apples. Easy to clean, body wash OK.

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