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【New version EMS muscle stimulator】

EMS Training Device transmits the signal directly to the whole body muscles through the current and puts them in the training state in order to strengthen the muscles and your body without harming the body. With the Abs Muscle Stimulator Electric Abdominal Muscle Trainer you can enjoy your healthy and muscular body! Suitable for most people such as fat-prone people, housewives, sports fans, white collar workers.

【USB CHARGING LED display screen】

LED display screen USB charging 6 vibration modes 18 intensity levels. Also the EMS device is charged via a USB interface. Use your power bank, a smartphone charger or a car power supply for this. EMS training devices are super light, ultra thin and easy to put on. The EMS device can also be worn inconspicuously under your clothing.

【Simple & use】

Also the new EMS training device is very easy to use. About 20 minutes / time, 2-3 times / day. This equates to 2000 m running, 60 minutes of sit-ups, 60 minutes of free swimming and 60 minutes of pull-ups .. And suitable for most body parts such as arm, stomach, upper abdomen, lower abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs and lower legs.

【10PCs of good quality gel pads】

In addition this product contains 10 pack of gels (1 piece / pack). The gel pads for muscle stimulation are of high quality, universal compatibility, long service life, EMS electrostimulation replacement gel, accessories for abdominal muscles. They are very soft and particularly soft, sensitive to the skin. In addition, they have the properties of good viscosity, self-adhesive and reusable.

【100% Money Back Guarantee】

We hope you are satisfied with your product experience. If this product isn’t right for you, we’re backed by a 12-month no-risk guarantee within 90 days. zociko EMS Muscle Trainer is perfectly designed for you!

Product descriptions

1.Are you too busy to exercise? 

2.Are you worried about not being in shape? 

3.Are you looking for a simple and effective training method?

zociko EMS training muscle stimulator is the best gift for a friend!


Features : 1. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology.
2. The highly sensitive smart chip ensures that wireless reception is sensitive and reliable.
3. Replaceable large gel pad that has a large coverage area and can also work muscles on both sides of the abdomen.
4. Electromagnetic impulses help firm and define your core and strengthen muscle contraction.
5. 6 modes and 18 intensity levels, suitable for all types of sports enthusiasts.
6. The rechargeable control unit with LCD screen makes it easy to use.
7. Certified device according to European standards. It’s light, comfortable and discreet under clothing.

When should i use it?
  • You can use it anytime anywhere. It is ultra-light, ultra-thin, wear-resistant and easy to carry.
  • Our belly stickers can be worn inconspicuously under your clothes and are therefore ideal for reading, watching films or doing chores, even during a business or leisure trip.
  • Also as an aid after training, the effect is better!
  • When you attach the electrodes to your body and turn it on, you may feel a slight tingling sensation. And soon you will feel distinct muscle contractions. This is the muscle toner that works for you. It shouldn’t cause any discomfort.
Package contents:

Tummy tuck belt
Extension strap
USB charging cable
10 * Packs of EMS gel pads
User manual