Electric Heating Pad with Automatic Shut-Off 60 x 30 cm Electric Heat Pad with 6 Levels Temperature Settings and 4 Timing Settings for Back, Neck, Shoulders, Legs

6 temperature settings and 4 timing settings:

the electric heating pad has 6 temperature settings (40 ~ 44 ~ 48 ~ 52 ~ 56 ~ 60 °C), you can choose the right temperature. 30 ~ 60 ~ 90 ~ 120 minutes time setting for four heat settings. You can set the time according to your wishes, save energy.

Double heating wire, quick heating

– the two-layer heating wire generates heat quickly, and the obvious heat felt within 2 minutes, and the heat is evenly and stable. Bring a pleasant experience. Note: The heating pad cannot be folded.

Double-sided flannel material and moist therapy.

The heating pad with automatic switch-off uses comfortable and soft material, ultimate comfort on both sides. Spray a layer of water mist on the product surface to enjoy wet thermotherapy.

Heating pad electric with Velcro fastening:

elastic strap with the Velcro fastener, the heating pad can held for the back in any part of your body, making it easier to use for a better experience. The 2m extension cable makes it easier to use the electric heat pad.

60 x 30 cm size and machine washable.

Thanks to the appropriate size, heat cushion fits better on different parts of the body and effectively relieves the pain. Machine wash must place the heating pad electrically in the laundry bag or choose a gentle mode.

Product description

Laluztop heat pad offers great comfort for the aching muscles in the back, legs, arms and more.
The heating pad with automatic switch-off is breathable, smooth and skin-friendly.

The heat pad has 6 temperature settings (40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60°C), you can choose the right temperature.
And heating pad with automatic switch-off has 30 ~ 60 ~ 90 ~ 120 minutes time setting for four heating levels.

Product specifications:

Material: flannel.
Heating Wire: Double Heating Wire, PVC
Heating pad size: 60 x 30 cm.
Power supply: AC 220-240V, 60Hz, 75W
Cable length (inches): 82.7 inches / 2.1 metres.

Please note:

Avoid wrinkles, as this leads to local heating and damage to the internal heating wire.
Do not use the heating pad naked on the bed and do not use the heating pad on the bed with a quilt to avoid burns.
Please turn off the power switch when not in use.
3. Please do not use the heat pad for back pain for pets.
4. You can sit and lie on the heated cushion for the back, but you can not leave old people, children and patients sitting and lying down, as they are not sensitive to heat.
If they are overheated, they will not notice it and are prone to product damage and low temperature of users.
5. The electric heating pad is machine washable, but it is recommended to hand wash it. Machine wash must be gentle, cannot be dried.