Cordless Electric Hair Trimmer for Men FAMINESS. Electric Pro Li T-Blade Trimmer Men’s Hairdressing Salon T-Blade 0mm Hair Cutting with Bald Head Hair clipper with 3 guide combs

【Tltanium Ceramic T-Blade Trimmer Born for Personality】

Electric Hair Trimmer Hanging T-Blades let you shave and cut freely, no matter from which direction. Suitable for oil head, carving, vintage hairstyle, bald head. Perfect for detailed work in haircut, outline and fade short hairstyles. Beginners can also use this men’s hair clipper to precisely determine the length of their hair and easily create a beautiful hairstyle.

【Professional hair clipper grooming set for men】

Electric Hair Trimmer Equipped with 3 types of guide combs (1mm, 2mm, 3mm) of different length, suitable for trimming inch head, pattern, etc. cut or transition without potholes. The users can choose according to their needs. Styling your beard and body hair to any look they want. S-shaped obtuse angle 360 ​​n-friendly is not easy to scratch the skin. Suitable for the home and a hair salon.

【USB fast charge clipper】

2 hours charge for 120 minutes of cordless use. The USB charging port allows you to connect a USB adapter, laptop, car charger, power bank and other USB devices, perfect for on the go, which is very convenient for families and travel. You can style your hairstyle anytime, anywhere to your liking. This is your ideal choice for travel or business trips.

【FULL BODY WASHABLE Noise Reduction Hair Cutting】

With a 100% waterproof IPX7 hair clipper, you can quickly and easily clean the machine after each use to keep it clean. The hair clipper for men has noise reduction technology, which can bring you a comfortable hairdressing experience! This hair clipper has a high speed motor which ensures an effective shave and provides a comfortable hair cutting experience.

【Heavy Duty Cutting System WARRANTY】

Use this electric trimmer to cut hair straight without hair. The electric hair clipper is equipped with a copper core motor, which offers strong power, high speed and long service life. We offer a 12 month replacement guarantee and friendly customer service. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problem. We offer you a 100% satisfaction solution.

Product description

Color: black

Professional Temple

Hair Trimmer Born For Personality ✄ Professional Hair Clipper Kit can bring you a variety of hairstyles to meet everything you need for a successful haircut at home.
This hair clipper has high quality titanium blades that bring you the most comfortable haircut experience.
With hanging T-blades you can shave and cut no matter from which direction. Suitable for oil head, carving, vintage hairstyle, bald head.
Our hair clipper has an elegant shape, convenient to hold. This is your ideal choice for hair cutting. At the same time, it is also the best gift for your husband and friend.


Avoid pinching your hair
T-Blade Design
Stainless steel suspension
Several trendy hairstyles

Professional hair clipper
First cut your hair with a professional hair clipper and then use this product to cut the styling. If you want to shave your bald head your hair should be shorter than 6mm for better result.

IPX7 full body waterproof cleaning.
Ceramic blades and 10W powerful motor
USB fast charging and 120 minutes long service life.
Strong drive power / long service life, lithium-ion battery. If the blue indicator light flashes, it indicates that the power supply is insufficient and needs to be charged in a timely manner. When the blue indicator light is off, it indicates that charging is complete.
With 4 limit combs, retro oil head, bald head and other types of unique hair styling are in the palm of your hand.
FAMINESS Haircutting Kit has everything you need for a successful haircut at home to achieve a wide variety of hairstyles and lengths.